[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga season 1 Sequel

EITM Kyoga sequel

After dating for a month, Kyoga and the MC are happily in love. However, their relationship experiences issues when Kyoga says that he only needs the MC and her smile to be happy and doesn’t understand why she feels that she needs to get her friends’ approval of him. To Kyoga, their relationship is between him and her, and doesn’t concern anyone else.

While I loved Kyoga in this route, I disliked him at certain scenes, mostly due his inability to understand why the MC is upset with him. While the MC writes it off as the difference between humans and ayakashi, I know for sure that there are many people who have the same mindset as Kyoga: that a relationship between two people concerns only the two people involved.

Their difference in thinking when it comes to their relationship causes a gap of communication between the two, and causes even more misunderstandings between them. They both want to understand each other more, but don’t want to give up on their own views on what their relationship should be like. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have these arguments; conflict is good at times, and Kyoga and the MC’s relationship definitely grew closer by the end of this route because they came to understand each other’s point of views.

Loving a person isn’t just thinking only of that person him or herself. It’s also taking into consideration their career, family, friends, hobbies, etc. While the MC thinks that Kyoga is the only one who doesn’t understand this, she learns at the end that she didn’t think of his circumstances as well, and I think this was important in her trying to reconcile with Kyoga. Very rarely in any argument is it one person’s fault, and I’m glad that they didn’t have another the-MC-is-right-and-lead-guy-is-wrong scenarios so she could “change” him for the better. Good relationships cause both parties to change and learn from their mistakes, and both of them learned to take the other’s situation into consideration.

While both the MC and Kyoga exasperated me at times throughout the route, I enjoyed the ending and watching the two get closer. I recommend this route if you loved Kyoga in his main story, and if you didn’t, still give it a try! My appreciation for Kyoga grew more by the end of this, and it doesn’t hurt to see him act all cute when the MC pets him >w< Happy playing!

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