[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Yukinojo season 1 Main Story

EITM Yukinojo main story

The MC chooses Yukinojo to protect her because he seems the nicest out of all the ayakashi, but quickly finds out how wrong she is. As his name suggests, he’s cold as snow, and sees his agreement with the MC as something that will only give him a child. As she spends more time with him, the MC starts to learn more about him and his past, and finds out why he’s so cold while his smile is so warm.

I was so, so, so disappointed with Yukinojo in the beginning of the route. He was so kind in all the other routes, and suddenly in his route he turns a complete 180 degrees. But once the MC starts crying he’ll be kind again, and I couldn’t tell which side was his real personality for a good while. While you progress throughout the route you find out that he really is kind, but puts walls between him and others (especially humans) for a reason.

The MC was kind of a disappointment to me in the beginning with the way she was infatuated with Yukinojo from the start, but I can see why Voltage did it that way. There wouldn’t have been any way to go forward in their relationship if she didn’t try to hard to get him to open up to her, and even when Kyoga says that melting Yukinojo’s heart is impossible, she still doesn’t give up, and I applaud her for that. It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love you back, and while some people may not like how she was head over heels in love with him, I didn’t mind it as much towards the end of the route because you can see that she affected Yukinojo a lot more than he let on in the beginning, and it’s heartwarming (hehe see what I did there?) to see him gradually open up to her. I just wish that he had done so a lot sooner =___=#

The lack of the touch between Yukinojo and the MC was actually really refreshing after all the other ayakashi constantly pestering her 24/7 XD However, it also showed the distance between the two, but throughout the route the small touches they make show that the distance between them (both physically and emotionally) is getting smaller, mostly by the MC’s efforts to not give up in her love.

I found it interesting that the antagonist in this route was a woman, and she didn’t appear until the latter half of the route. Not that I was complaining; I actually liked the lack of an antagonist/love triangle because it let there be more focus on the MC and Yukinojo rather than adrenaline rushing everything to speed up the pace of their relationship.

While I enjoyed the route, I can see why some people wouldn’t. Yukinojo might be a hit or miss character for a lot of people, but I wouldn’t judge him only by what you see in the first chapter of the route. Obviously I lean towards the hit crowd, but I enjoyed his route a lot more than Miyabi’s and maybe even Chikage’s. Happy playing! >w<

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Yukinojo season 1 Main Story

  1. I suggest you to do a review on akiyoshis main story proposal. It’s amazing I tell you. I’ve never enjoyed a voltage game so much and played it in two days to keep myself away from addiction. The story is so amazing.


    • I there! I enjoyed Akiyoshi’s main story a lot too. He’s so adorable >w< I can't wait for his proposal to come out this month, and will definitely do a review on it when it comes out!


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