[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Yoh Kobayakawa season 1 Sequel

FILA Yoh Kobayakawa sequel

The MC hasn’t been able to see Yoh for a while after he became the head of the Kobayakawa school of ikebana due to him being busy with his responsibilities. The MC is happy that he’s gaining popularity, but can’t help but worry as Yoh get popular in the entertainment world with celebrities. Things turn even more complicated when he’s rumored to be in a relationship with a popular model. He asks the MC to make a wedding cake for a friend, and afterwards rumors start to fly that he’s getting married to the same model.

The MC’s insecurities are a lot more pronounced in this route than Yoh’s main story. While they have been dating for a month, she hasn’t been able to see Yoh for half that time period, and hearing that Yoh may be having an affair with a younger and prettier woman than herself is detrimental to her confidence. She tries her best to trust Yoh, and while it does work in the beginning, the rumors have a toll in their relationship and her trust in him. It doesn’t help that Yoh doesn’t tell her anything but to trust in him.

While I loved Yoh in this route, there were some moments where I just wanted to shake him and ask what was wrong with him. He’s so secretive about a lot of things in this route, and while he had a good reason for being so, those were the things that the MC needed to know. I was impressed by how loyal he is to his friends, but think that he could have gone about showing his loyalty in a different way without causing so much heartache for the MC. I love this MC to pieces, so it hurt when she was feeling hurt ; A ;

However, he’s still the Yoh that I love from his main story route. He’s not shy about introducing the MC to his friends as his girlfriend, and always reassures the MC when she feels insecure about her age, telling her that he chose her to be his girlfriend and that he only has her in his heart >////< You get to see more of his more mature and professional side as the head of the Kobayakawa school of ikebana, and I certainly wasn’t complaining =w=

There’s a lot of ups and downs in this route, and while both the MC and Yoh have their share of troubles, it definitely reconfirmed their feelings for each other. By the end of the route, the MC learns to trust Yoh more, and Yoh learns that the MC isn’t as strong as she looks and that sometimes she needs to rely on him too. I definitely enjoyed this route, and highly recommend it if you loved Yoh in his main story. Happy playing! >w<

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