[WALKTHROUGH] Finally, in Love Again: Yoh Kobayakawa season 1 Sequel

FILA Yoh Kobayakawa sequel

Chapter 1

  • Fold a corner of the page down
  • “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Chapter 2

  • Ask him outright
  • Happily accept

Chapter 3

  • Be brave and try on a dress
  • “Yeah, I want to do it.”

Chapter 4

  • Baby’s-breath
  • “If was fun.”

Chapter 5

  • “I guess maybe it couldn’t hurt, but…”
  • “I’m so sad.”

Chapter 6

  • Reject his offer
  • Listen to what he has to say

Chapter 7

  • “Thank you.”
  • “I’m sleepy after working all night.”

 FILA ending


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