[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Chiaki Yuasa season 1 Sequel

OTBS Chiaki Yuasa S1 sequel

The MC and Chiaki’s personal and work lives are going extremely well. The MC is put in charge of interviewing Christopher Brown, a talented young photographer from New York, while Chiaki is in the talks of being transferred to New York. Though he initially refuses, the MC feels like she’s holding him back when he really wants to go, and convinces him to go to New York.

Chiaki was absolutely adorable in this route. He gets easily jealous, and when Chris starts to show interest in the MC, he gets extremely territorial and possessive (/w\) He’s a lot more open in this route, and I definitely liked seeing him be more honest with himself and to the MC. It shows how much he’s changed(?) from his main story route. Even when there’s a situation that causes a misunderstanding between him and the MC, he doesn’t get and still trusts her instead of ignoring her or accusing her (though he does tease her quite a bit afterwards…)

Rather than developing Chiaki and the MC’s relationship in this route, I think the point was more to show how much closer they’ve become already. There’s a long distance relationship involved when Chiaki goes to New York, but I think that the support that the MC gives him and the trust that he puts in her shows just how far they’ve come in their relationship, and it’s absolutely heartwarming to see (to me, at least >w<) Support and trust are big things that I look for in relationship development, particularly with characters like Chiaki, and Voltage delivered in this route =w=

Chris reminded me a lot of Chiaki. Though their backgrounds are almost the exact opposite of one another’s, their personalities and ambitiousness are almost mirror images (though Chiaki obviously teases the MC a lot more, and is a lot I mean a bit more mean XD). The MC notices this as well, but when she mentions it to Chiaki, he disagrees. Later on you find out that while Chiaki does acknowledge Chris’s talent, he’s actually jealous of him. While the MC thinks that he’s just as talented as Chris, Chiaki actually puts in a lot more work than he lets on, something a “genius” talent like Chris would never understand. As someone who’s been in the same shoes as Chiaki, I could understand his perspective and it just made me love him even more ; w ;

Other than me wanting a route for Chris (he’s absolutely adorable) and wondering why his mom got a sprite (she’s probably important in some way in a future route?…), I enjoyed this route, and definitely recommend if you loved Chiaki in his main story. Like I said before, I think Chiaki is more of a hit-or-miss character, so if you didn’t like him in his main story, I don’t know how much enjoyment you’ll get out this route. If you haven’t tried his route yet, please do! It surprised me in a good way and he’s one of my favorite Voltage characters now >w< Happy playing!

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