[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 1 Main Story

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S1

After a month since moving to Tokyo, the MC runs into her childhood friend Akito while at a spa for a job interview. After going to a café to meet up with him and fill out some paperwork for her new job, she shocked to find herself being introduced by Akito as his fiancé to his parents.

Akito is a tease; he loves to poke fun at the MC and see her reactions. However, he turns a complete 180 degrees once he’s at work; he maintains a professional bearing, and shows confidence in his abilities to satisfy his clients. It was interesting to see the change between his current self and the one that the MC remembers in her flashbacks to their childhood. It plays a big part is their developing relationship (both are adorable though >w<).

The childhood friendship dynamic was interesting in this route, since there isn’t any other route in MFW that has it. The MC remembers the Akito from her childhood back in Kyushu and is shocked by how much he’s changed in the past ten years. However, Akito says that she hasn’t changed at all from back then, but as the route progresses, their viewpoints change. The MC realizes that although his first impressions of her showed a completely different person, there’s more of the boy that she fell in love with back in her childhood. Akito realizes that the MC has become more independent, and starts to rely on her more than he thinks he does when he starts to struggle choosing between his own dreams or being a filial son and maintaining his family’s business.

You can tell from the start that they both still have feelings from each other, but neither of them has the confidence to confess to the other. They both bring up the past, but tend to avoid the awkward parts until it comes along in the conversation. It was painful and adorable to see their interactions ; w ; The MC was absolutely golden in this route with her support for Akito, especially when he needs it towards the end of the route. I also loved how they came up with a solution for Akito’s dilemma together, and that the MC is the one who pushed Akito forward when he needed it.

I wasn’t a big fan of how Akito tricked the MC into their “marriage,” but later on when he explains his reasoning to her you can tell that he thinks the situation is something they can both benefit from, and doesn’t mean her any harm by it. It frustrated me that the whole point of this agreement was for the MC to get a job in the first place, but that didn’t happen… Though towards the end, you could say that her occupation is a brewer’s wife (or girlfriend in this case), which is actually a considerable amount of work, seeing as Akito needs that support to maintain his plan to save his father’s brewery.

There wasn’t too much drama in this route, which was something that I appreciated. Some tropes were used, but delivered in a way that didn’t frustrate me and shows the closing distance between the two. I absolutely recommend this route, especially to MFW fans. The plot was written well, and Akito himself caught my interest. It’s only the main story, but I already can’t wait for his wedding bells route >w<

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