[WALKTHROUGH] My Forged Wedding: Akito Kakiuchi season 1 Main Story

MFW Akito Kakiuchi S1

Chapter 1

  • I don’t know
  • Hide with a towel

Chapter 2

  • Not now
  • Look at Akito

Chapter 3

  • How he loves me
  • Flick his forehead back

Chapter 4

  • Look down
  • Give him a lot

Chapter 5

  • “Of course not!”
  • “I wish he’d come get me soon.”

Chapter 6

  • “Are you teasing me?”
  • It’s none of your business

Chapter 7

  • Are you going to be late today?
  • Ask why he’s mad

Chapter 8

  • Wait
  • Because you called me your wife

Chapter 9

  • I never thought about it
  • Sit a little far from Akito

Chapter 10

  • I want you to prioritize your issues
  • You’re just good at finding me

Chapter 11

  • “Yes.”
  • Grab his arm

Chapter 12

  • Say it shyly
  • You’re back to normal

Chapter 13

  • Then will you take me?
  • I’m nervous

Chapter 14

  • Are you going to laugh at me later?
  • You should have told me earlier!

MFW S1 ending

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