[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Ryohei Kimura Main Story

MPDCTY Ryohei Kimura main story

Kimura is part of the forensics teams in Metro PD. While he’s observant and has a sharp eye when it comes to crime scenes, he’s mild-mannered and gentile at heart. After they’re both tricked into going on a date by the 2nd Unit, the MC starts to bump into him more and notices that he shows flashes of a dark side of himself at times.

Kimura’s route was a lot deeper that I expected. With him being an ex-celebrity, I was fully expecting Voltage to bring out a crazy fan/fanclub from back when he was a celebrity, but I’m so glad that they didn’t.

Kimura is a complex character. This isn’t just because of the fact that he used to be a celebrity. I actually think that that’s the least important fact about him; while it is an important part of his identity, the relationships that he had built and lost during his stardom were a lot more important to me, and could have been done even without him being a celebrity. He’s good at his job in the forensics team of MPD, and is known to work extremely hard on the cases that he’s assigned to. The MC sees Kimura as kind and gentle, but Kimura himself doesn’t. He acts agreeable because it’s easier to deal with people that way, but puts up walls between himself and others because he doesn’t want to get close to anything that he can lose.

I absolutely loved the MC in this route because of how genuine she was towards Kimura. While there was some romance, I think the plot focused more on the trust relationship between her and Kimura rather than the romantic one. She’s honest to him even when she knows that she’ll end up looking bad; in her words, she no “angel,” and she’s more worried about losing his trust than what she looks like to others. This is what causes Kimura to want to trust her and gets him to start opening up to her.

The MC is also respectful of Kimura’s space and privacy. Even though she wants to know more about his past, she refrains from doing so because she feels that he would be uncomfortable if she found out. The MC realizes pretty early on that she has feelings for Kimura; after spending so much time worrying about him, she started to fall for him. She knows that she loves him, but doesn’t push herself onto him because she also knows that Kimura has a personal reason why he doesn’t want to get close to people. The concern she shows is the big reason why Kimura starts to trust her.

I enjoyed this route a lot, and sassy MC seemed a lot more sassy to me in this route during her little arguments with the rest of the 2nd Unit XD MPDCTY has some of the best writing that I’ve seen in Voltage games so far, and it’s great that Voltage delivered all the way to the last character. I highly recommend that you give this route and the game as a whole a try. Happy playing! >w<

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