[WALKTHROUGH] Metro PD: Close to You: Ryohei Kimura Main Story

MPDCTY Ryohei Kimura main story

Chapter 1

  • Pray with Kimura
  • “Guys with good hearts.”

Chapter 2

  • “Why don’t we grab lunch?”
  • Go

Chapter 3

  • Joke, “He’s not nice to ME.”
  • “You looked so different.”

Chapter 4

  • “That’s not like you”
  • “I’m fine.”

Chapter 5

  • “It’s not so bad.”

Chapter 6

  • Ask if he has time to go
  • Tell him

Chapter 7

  • “We happened to bump into each other.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to go.”

Chapter 8

  • Pretend to be angry
  • Take the first bath

Chapter 9

  • “You didn’t have to worry.”
  • “I’m ok.”

Chapter 10

  • “I’m hungry.”
  • “Of course I care.”

Chapter 11

  • “What about dropped cases?”
  • “You’re seeing things.”

Chapter 12

  • Thank him seriously
  • Change the subject

Chapter 13

  • “Want to come up for coffee?”
  • “Want to go watch the interrogation?”

Chapter 14

  • Leave
  • “I thought you’d be here.”

MPDCTY ending

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