[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mitsuru Sanada season 1 Main Story

FLD Misturu Sanada S1 main story FLD Misturu Sanada S1 main story

Mitsuru is cold and indifferent; he pushes people away with his condescending attitude. After using the MC as a “girlfriend” to reject another girl’s confession, rumors spread about him and the MC being in a relationship. They enter into a relationship because of the rumors, and while both play the part, things start to change when they develop feelings for each other and start a “real” one.

Mitsuru reminded me a lot of Homare from CTC in that they’re both intellects, and don’t bother sugar coating their words when it comes to speaking their minds. However, unlike Homare, Mitsuru doesn’t have a slight sadistic streak; once he opens up to the MC, he’s a sweetheart and extremely considerate towards her. He’s surprisingly romantic, and his change in attitude towards the MC is utterly adorable.

Mitsuru views love as a transaction between two people, and initially asked the MC to be his girlfriend because he wanted some “girl repellant” so he could focus on his studies. This contrasts greatly with the MC’s view on love; she can’t imagine going out with someone she doesn’t have feelings for, but finds herself in a situation where she has no choice but to, since everyone at school believes so and Mitsuru himself keeps playing the part. However, Mitsuru’s views on love change throughout the route as he spends more time with the MC as her “boyfriend,” and it’s surprising how much he changes from the beginning to the end of the route.

Their relationship escalates rather quickly, and like in all the other routes in FLD, they end up having sex. However, I had mixed feelings about it in this route. While the situation in context was rather romantic and something I wouldn’t have expected to happen with Mitsuru, they had unprotected sex, which is something that I’m surprised that Voltage did, seeing how much they stressed the importance of protected sex in Nao and Sota’s routes. It later causes a situation where there’s a misunderstanding between the MC and Mitsuru that shows how he really, genuinely cares for her, but I think Voltage could have done without this plot element and could have written it so that they had protected sex. Once again, Saori is a goddess in this route with her advice to the MC in regards to this situation, and all of her friends give her the support that she needs at the time.

Mitsuru loves animals, but as the only son of a hospital director, he’s expected to go to medical school and follow his father’s footsteps. This causes a lot of issues between him and his father, and I loved how the MC was there to help him understand that he doesn’t have to accept things as they are and encouraged him to fix his relationship with father and chase after his own dream. The two are always supporting each other in one way or another in this route, and I loved it because it made their relationship seem natural, even though it was rather fast-paced.

I enjoyed this route a lot more than I thought I would, and highly recommend it. While I was waiting for the release of this route, I didn’t expect to love it this much, and Mitsuru is definitely my favorite in this game (I think. Sota is still kinda there too *sweats nervously*). Please don’t be afraid to give Mitsuru’s route a try, and happy playing! >w<

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mitsuru Sanada season 1 Main Story

  1. Just as I side note, while I loved Mitsuru’s character, the idea that the son of a hospital director who for the most part was training towards that would be the one to have unprotected sex was so bizarre to me. You want to be a doctor but don’t see the importance of contraceptives?!


    • I didn’t like that plot element either, and it didn’t make sense to me as well =____=;; The fact that they were high schoolers made me dislike the situation even more, even if it was for the romance. You do see them get reprimanded for it in his sequel, and they both decide to be more responsible about their relationship because of it.


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