[WALKTHROUGH] The Men of Yoshiwara: Kagura Main Volume

Yoshiwara Kagura

Chapter 1

  • I asked for Kagura-san
  • …Nice to meet you
  • I don’t have money for that

Chapter 2

  • You should have told me that
  • Please stop…

Chapter 3

  • Yes, we talked about Western studies
  • Yes, of course

Chapter 4

  • This is boring
  • I want to chat

Chapter 5

  • I’ll try the rest on my own
  • I trust you

Chapter 6

  • Go inside Kikuya
  • Yes, I do mind

Chapter 7

  • Thank you for helping me
  • Okay

Chapter 8

  • I’m a little disappointed
  • Of course not

Chapter 9

  • I’ll buy it now
  • I know everything about him

Chapter 10

  • Close your eyes

Chapter 11

  • Apologize
  • I wanted to see you right away

Chapter 12

  • What do you mean?
  • Kagura-san…

Chapter 13

  • Touch Kagura-san
  • I love you, Kagura-san

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