[WALKTHROUGH] The Men of Yoshiwara: Tokiwa Main Volume

Yoshiwara Tokiwa

Chapter 1

  • It’s the first time
  • I’m scared… but…

Chapter 2

  • It’s because your face is very beautiful
  • Yes…

Chapter 3

  • I couldn’t forget about yesterday
  • Brush his hand away

Chapter 4

  • Call out to him
  • I’m really curious
  • Am I special to you?

Chapter 5

  • Why don’t you let it go outside?
  • I think it will look really good on you, Tokiwa-san

Chapter 6

  • Are you okay?
  • Fret over it

Chapter 7

  • Please tell me anything
  • Say you love him

Chapter 8

  • Just nod since there’s nothing that can be done
  • I’m serious now

Chapter 9

  • You can’t lose

Chapter 10

  • I’ve fallen in love with you again
  • Please wait for my reply

Chapter 11

  • Keep staring at him
  • I can’t leave you, Tokiwa-san

Chapter 12

  • Try to say something
  • Tell the truth

Chapter 13

  • I wish I could
  • I love you

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