[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 1 Main Story

FILA Sosuke Kikuchi main story

After meeting Sosuke at the singes’ event, the MC can’t help but think that she’s met him before. She starts bumping into him more when she starts her new job at Patisserie Larme, and fate seems to draw them closer when they keep meeting each other by coincidence in other situations as well. After receiving a confession from him, the MC starts to spend even more time with Sosuke, and starts to remember her memories with him from the past.

Sosuke comes off at first as quiet and brusque. He doesn’t say much in the beginning, but when he does talk, he doesn’t beat around the bush and gets straight to the point. His direct manner of speaking, self-restraint, and seriousness when it comes to everything he does makes him a straightforward character, but there are moments when you can see past his stoic exterior into the somewhat shy yet passionate man underneath.

The romance between Sosuke and the MC builds up slowly, mostly through Sosuke’s constant efforts to close the gap between him and the MC. There isn’t much development until after Sosuke confesses his feelings to the MC, and while it does pick up a bit after that, the romance felt rather one-sided to me. The MC does start to reciprocate his feelings, but her concerns about their age difference and her insistence on focusing on her new job hinders the development of their relationship for the most part. Even when the staff members of Larme give Sosuke a helping hand in trying to win the MC over, she tries her best to be an “adult” and do the “right” thing for her age.

I’m not saying that the MC’s concerns are something she should have blown off. While they’re concerns that she’s had in other routes, she seemed to be overly concerned about them in this route, to the point it felt a bit out of character to me. While the circumstances with Sosuke are different due to the relationship they had in the past, in all the other routes as soon as she saw how genuine the guy was, she slowly warmed up to him. Sosuke is probably the most genuine out of all the FILA characters so far, but it took her so long to realize and act on her feelings it frustrated me. I wish she had faced her feelings and resolved to do something about them instead of just running away from them.

While the route itself was okay, it felt a bit lackluster when I compared it to the other FILA routes. Sosuke’s route was the one I was looking forward to the most, so the anticipation may have led me to set my expectations too high. Releasing this route right after Yoh probably wasn’t a smart move on Voltage’s part either. The epilogue showed some promise in his future routes, so I’m praying that his sequel will show the development that I want from their relationship. If you were planning on playing Sosuke’s route, then I would go ahead and play it, but otherwise, I hesitate to recommend this route if you were expecting the same from it compared to other storylines. Once again, happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 1 Main Story

  1. Played it the moment it was released and I agree with you. It felt a bit lackluster (like Momo’s route) but I think he’s my favorite FILA character (not the best route though, I think Yoh and Aki’s route are better). The MC’s concern is understandable but I feel it’s because of her younger brothers words that made her feel very worried about how others will think of them being together. If her younger brothers didn’t make an appearance and tell her their disapproval, their relationship might be more smooth sailing (at least a little bit). I feel really bad for Sosuke in this route.


    • The MC’s brothers definitely played a big part in this route. I didn’t want to mention them due to spoilers but I definitely agree with you. I hope things go well for Sosuke and the MC in later routes >___<


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