[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Ryohei Kimura Sequel

MPDCTY Ryohei Kimura sequel

Though Kimura and the MC are in a relationship, both of them are so busy at work they don’t have the time to see each other as much as they want to. After getting assigned to a case with the 1st Unit, the MC is surprised to see Kimura at the scene. They spend more time together in action, but he starts to get jealous?…

Ryohei has definitely opened up a lot more in this route. It’s adorable how he’s jealous over the MC, but tries to act like it doesn’t bother him until they’re alone XD The banter between the two shows how close they’ve gotten compared his main story, and Ryohei seems a lot more relaxed around the MC. I liked how he encouraged the MC when she started questioning her own abilities; it shows the support they have for each other, which is something I always look for in relationships.

The case was interesting to me as well. But then again, they almost always are to me XD I definitely recommend this route if you loved Ryohei in his main story, and if you haven’t given him a try yet, please do! Happy playing! >w<

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