[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Seiji Goto Main Story

MSB Seiji Goto main story

After being caught up in a sticky situation at a nightclub, the MC is surprised when Seiji Goto, a PSD detective, comes to her rescue. After the incident, the MC and Seiji start to bump into each other more. The MC can’t help but worry over about Seiji, who’s driven by work, and over time her worry slowly turns into something else as the detective continues to stay on her mind.

Seiji is a man haunted by his past. This becomes obvious early on in the route when they bring up his last girlfriend, who had died in an incident that he couldn’t protect her from. He immerses himself in his work, often throwing his life on the life because he still lives in regret that he couldn’t protect someone he loved. I found it interesting that Voltage decided to pay up this aspect of him; while dead girlfriends aren’t anything new in the Voltage fandom, Seiji stands out due to it being his defining characteristic (IMO). His personality and work ethic are all due to her death, and it’s obvious to those who know him well that he isn’t over it.

Personally, I found the storyline poorly written. There wasn’t much holding the plot together, and it just felt like a bunch of plot elements put together into one storyline. To be honest, the route felt a bit forced in the beginning and seemed more like a collection of sub stories than a main story. The dialogue was also awkward and stiff at times, but that might have been due to the translation. There were also a few moments where the MC knew things about Seiji, but I had no idea how she knew them since they didn’t seem close in the beginning of the route. She does mention Shanghai at one point, and I know that there’s a MSB sub story that takes place there, so they might have met for the first time there. I haven’t played the sub story so I personally don’t know.

The romance was also questionable. While the MC falls in love with Seiji through her constant worrying, it felt a bit sudden when she finally does realize her feelings. I would have liked to see more natural development between them, but the plot didn’t really allow for that due to its inconsistency. This route also didn’t have much of the humor I associate with MSB routes, but that was probably because we didn’t get to see the “Party Police” as much in this route XD

If you like characters like Seiji, then I would recommend this route. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother to play it. I wondered why I couldn’t remember anything from this route, and after replaying it I understand why. The only thing that held the route together for me was Seiji, and the poorly written plot made me cringe a bit inside at some of the more awkward parts. Seiji is an interesting character though, and I can’t wait to play his route in HLITF to see how they portray him there. Hopefully the storyline will be better in that game. Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Seiji Goto Main Story

  1. I played the Shanghai sub-story and while MC was with Subaru, they met Goto there and not know he was a part of the PSD. In it, Goto does tell MC that she reminded him of someone in the past and Subaru later on clarifies that Goto lost someone close to him.

    I played that route solely for that reason. I am a Goto fangirl.


    • I heard his gree routes were written a lot better. I wish I had played it before Voltage stopped supporting the game ; A ;
      I love his character! I can’t wait for his wedding sequel to come out this month (/w\)


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