[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Seiji Goto Proposal Sequel

MDB Seiji Goto proposal sequel

The MC is close to graduating from college, and receives a letter of recruitment from an acting troupe in London. Seiji tells her to go and act on her dreams, but while the MC is stuck deciding between standing on stage again and staying with Seiji, a series of robberies occur around her neighborhood that might be related to the incident with Kazuki. Seiji starts to act strange, and the MC starts to worry as he gets himself into situations that are less than ideal.

Seiji has opened up a lot in this route since his main story. He’s more openly jealous, and gets embarrassed more easily. You can see that he genuinely cares for the MC, and when the robberies start occurring near the MC’s place, he starts to get worried. Like I mentioned in my review for his main story, Kazuki’s death is a big part of Seiji’s character, and you can see that it still affects him.

The plot was a lot more solid in this route, and stayed consistent. While there was some sense of closure in the end of Seiji’s main story in regards to his past with Kazuki, it felt a lot more final by the conclusion of this route. Seiji did seem more at peace with himself in the beginning in the route, but his past regrets catch up to him as the route progresses, and he tries his best to address them while protecting the MC. You can see that he’s really starting to go forward and look to his future with the MC by the end of this route, and I loved the general sense of peace in the last few scenes.

I liked this route a lot more than Seiji’s main story, and definitely recommend it if you felt iffy about his main story. Hopefully Voltage will continue to develop the relationship between MC and Seiji as well as Seiji himself. I’m curious as to how he’s going to change in the future, and can’t wait for his wedding route. He looked absolutely ravishing in his wedding tux in the sneak peak at the end of the route >///< Once again, happy playing!

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