[WALKTHROUGH] My Sweet Bodyguard: Seiji Goto Main Story

MSB Seiji Goto main story

Chapter 1

  • Are you working?
  • I’m glad I could return it

Chapter 2

  • I’m worried
  • Let it cool down some more

Chapter 3

  • My boyfriend
  • Of course I’m worried

Chapter 4

  • I just really hoped…
  • A good friend

Chapter 5

  • You need it right now
  • I want to sleep alone

Chapter 6

  • “I’m worried about him.”
  • “You care about him, too.”

Chapter 7

  • I know…
  • I’m not his girlfriend!

Chapter 8

  • Stop!
  • I am because of you

Chapter 9

  • I’m just telling the truth
  • Can I eat as much as I want?

MSB ending

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