[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Seiji Goto MS1: Meeting Him


After she finds herself at an elite school for future PSD detectives, the MC is shocked to find out that she’s the top incoming student. She gets assigned as Goto’s full-time aide after she does a mission with him, and starts to learn more about him as she spends more time with him. However, as soon as their training starts, the difference in her abilities to the other students starts to show. Although others say that he’s indifferent, Goto encourages the MC when she becomes discouraged and loses confidence in herself.

Goto is known as the ace of Ishigami’s team among the PSD and at the school. He’s excellent at undercover work, and always accomplishes the mission given. I was surprised by how he seemed a bit gentler in this game compared to MSB. He’s still strict on himself and others, but give the MC words of encouragement whenever she needs it. Others tell the MC that she shouldn’t get her hopes up when he encourages her because he’s indifferent towards everything, but it didn’t seem like that to me. I actually liked the Goto in this game a lot more compared to the one in MSB because he seems less haunted with his past; however, that might be because he and the MC aren’t that close yet.

The MC admires Goto from the start. That’s understandable, seeing as he’s one of the top detectives in the PSD. However, I didn’t like how it felt like she was in love with him from the start. It doesn’t say outright, but it’s easy to see that she’s falling for him. When she questions her ability to do well at the school, Goto encourages her by saying that he was in a similar position as her when he first joined the PSD. She has an extremely high sense of justice, and often finds herself in sticky situations because of it; she tends to act before she thinks, which is something she’s berated for multiple times throughout the route. However, I personally liked this about the MC because I think it made her characterization a lot stronger. This MC didn’t have a lot of things that stood out to me compared to the MPDCTY or IYAT or even SND MCs, and I hope Voltage fixes this and goes more in depth with her in later routes.

The point of this route is to learn more about Goto than actually fall in love and develop a relationship with him, and I think Voltage did an okay job with it. Personally, I think they could have gone more in depth with his character as well as the MC’s. I found it interesting that they decided to split the main story into two routes, so I hope a lot more will happen in the Falling in Love portion. If you were thinking about giving HLITF a try, then I would recommend this route. You get a good idea for what the feel of the game is, and it doesn’t hurt that you get to play another Goto route XD Once again, happy playing! >w<

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