[WALKTHROUGH] Her Love in the Force: Seiji Goto MS1: Meeting Him


Chapter 1

  • “It looks good on you.”
  • “He’s drunk…”

Chapter 2

  • “Is something sticking out?”
  • “I’m motivated!”

Chapter 3

  • “Please get dressed…”
  • “Take care of yourself!”

Chapter 4

  • “Stare quietly.”
  • “Want to clean your scratch?”

Chapter 5

  • “I have something to say…”
  • “Sorry…”

Chapter 6

  • “If you’re pleased, so am I.”
  • “When I was a child…”

Chapter 7

  • “Understood.”
  • Speak calmly

Chapter 8

  • “I’m not going to think about it.”
  • “This mission will be a success.”

Chapter 9

  • “No.”
  • Try fighting back


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