[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hyogo Kaga MS1: Meeting Him


After choosing to be partnered up with Kaga for a training mission, the MC is assigned to be his aide. Kaga refuses to accept it, saying that he doesn’t need a useless “piece.” After much persuasion, he finally agrees to use the MC as his “servant,” and she starts to work under him while carrying on her school duties as well. Although others whisper about him being so focused on the mission that he’d kill off his own teammates, the MC starts to learn more about Kaga and discovers that he’s not as harsh as he appears.

Kaga reminds me a lot of Ishigami. Their relationship reminded me a lot of Subaru and Goto’s in a lot of ways; they’re both similar to the point that they can’t stand each other, but still view each other as allies they can rely on. However, Kaga has a lot of characteristics that set him apart from Ishigami. While he is focused on mission accomplishment, he believes that the ends justify the means; he does things his own way, and relies more on his intuition than on the intel he’s given or on his team, giving him a reputation as a lone wolf. He’s harsh on his subordinates; in his book, one mistake can get someone killed. He doesn’t deal with people he can’t use as pawns, and is quick to judge someone’s worth by their actions. His ruthlessness and a past case causes people to talk about him behind his back, but later on you see that he actually does care for his subordinates, and is willing to give up progress in a case to save one.

I liked the MC a lot more in this route compared to Goto’s route in HLITF. She seemed a lot stronger to me in this route; however, there were a few things that I didn’t agree with. The amount that she puts up with Kaga so she can learn from him is insane, and some of the “right” answer choices to increase the love meter didn’t sit that well with me. However, I liked how while she doesn’t necessarily like Kaga in the beginning and disagreed with some of his beliefs, she does acknowledge his skills as a detective and does her absolute best to keep up with him and learn as much as she can. She does get discouraged at times, but the people around her and occasionally Kaga himself (with a few inflammatory words) will encourage her to not give up and keep going.

This route frustrated me with it’s answer choices, but I enjoyed it more than Goto’s MS1. Kaga is an interesting character, and I can’t wait to see how he’ll develop in future routes. The storyline was well written, and while there were a few romance elements here and there, I think the route did a good job of introducing Kaga and the MC as well as planting the seeds that’ll grow to change their relationship. I wouldn’t recommend this route if you don’t like do-S characters, but if you’re willing to give him a try, please do so! The route may be frustrating in the beginning, but I got more into it as it progressed. Happy playing!

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