[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hyogo Kaga MS2: Falling in Love


After realizing her feelings for Kaga, the MC struggles to keep them in check while keeping in mind their instructor-student relationship. However, she can’t help but be worried about him after he starts to act more on his own after it becomes obvious that someone is targeting him. With whispers of “partner killer” going around and distrust from his superiors, Kaga finds himself in a tight spot while the MC worries over how she can best support him.

This route goes more in depth with Kaga’s character. His personality doesn’t change, but you get a better understanding of why he acts the way he does. It explains the circumstances behind the case that gave him his infamous nickname “partner killer,” and I couldn’t help but compare it to Goto’s situation with his partner. Both men are driven revenge, and like Goto, Kaga acts increasingly reckless in this route when it becomes clear that it’s related to the incident where he lost all his team members, going as far as disobeying direct orders from his superiors. He doesn’t try to clear up others’ misunderstanding of the incident; rather, he’s more focused on “giving credit where it’s due,” which in his eyes, is to his partners who died in the bombing.

The MC has realized her feelings for Kaga, but struggles with her feelings because she knows that they’re in an instructor-student relationship. She knows that Kaga isn’t the type to throw away his partners, despite what others say, and maintains her trust towards him. She doesn’t stop believing in him, and finds it frustrating that she can’t do anything for him when she and the other instructors all trust Kaga. She does her best to hide her feelings, but still finds herself hung up on his words and actions towards her while trying to get him to acknowledge her growing skills as a detective. Kaga didn’t help the situation by sending her mixed signals; I think he was aware of her feelings for him, and he’ll occasionally poke fun at her to see her reactions for her so-called “seduction training.” The MC was a lot more lovesick in this route, and while it wasn’t as bad as it was in Goto’s route, it is noticeable.

Compared to Goto’s MS2, I liked this one a lot more. The MC plays a larger role in the case itself, and you can see that she has grown as a detective. Kaga is more honest in this route, and I could actually see some development in their relationship, unlike in Goto’s route. I didn’t care for his calling the MC his “pawn,” but add in Ota’s “Koro” and Minato in his proposal route, I think I’m starting to not get as fazed over stupid nicknames like these anymore =___=;; If you liked Kaga in his MS1, then I would definitely recommend this route! If not, then I wouldn’t play it, as his do-S personality doesn’t change XD Once again, happy playing! >w<

One thought on “[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hyogo Kaga MS2: Falling in Love

  1. I really loved Kaga’s character story and plot, especially that scene with Ishigami (my fave!!! I knew it! haha) but yeah like you, his er, romance style doesn’t sit that well with me… I did love how strong MC is here as well to put up with all that. I’m kind of er, just scared for her private well-being hahaha. I did love the action sequence in this route though lol I need someone to make a whole movie hahaha


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