[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Kiyoharu Nanahoshi season 1 Sequel

TLSL KIyoharu Nanahoshi S1 sequel

After Kiyoharu asks the MC if she wants to get married, the MC is shocked to find out that they’re both going undercover as an engaged couple to investigate underground auctions being held on a wedding fair cruise. Kiyoharu gets increasingly worried about involving the MC in the case, and doesn’t want her to get in any deeper. The MC doesn’t want to worry him, so she does her best, but things turn complicated when it turns out her ex-boyfriend is also investigating the same case.

Kiyoharu is a lot sweeter to the MC in this route. He still teases her (in public and private), but you can see that he’s genuinely concerned about her and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. He’s surprisingly overprotective of her, getting jealous when the other guys in the team start teasing her. You can see that he’s more honest with himself as well; he doesn’t hide behind his words like he used to. There wasn’t much interaction between him and Sakuya in this route, but it’s obvious the two get along much more. I liked Kiyoharu a lot more in this route; he definitely grew on me >w<

I liked how Voltage portrayed the MC in this route. She wants do things herself, but knows that Kiyoharu is worried about her and doesn’t want to worry him even more when he’s so busy with the case. She doesn’t want to be a burden, but more importantly, wants to support him (which is always a huge plus for me). I found it interesting that Voltage brought in her ex; if anything, I was expecting one of Kiyo’s exes to show up. I enjoyed the change in pace from Voltage’s usual, but found myself questioning if there was any real reason for the MC’s ex to pop up. He didn’t really contribute much to the route or the MC and Kiyo’s relationship development, and seemed to be there just for filler.

The writing improved from the main story in my opinion; this route didn’t feel as dramatic and overfilled with common tropes found in Voltage games. The pacing of this route also improved from the main story until chapter 6. The situation after that felt random and came out of nowhere for me, and as a result ending felt a bit forced, but they do tie up most of the loose ends. There wasn’t any big development in the MC and Kiyoharu’s relationship, but you can tell that they’re a lot more comfortable with each other.

I was happy that Voltage added an image to the end set for this route. They also lowered the price a bit, and I found myself much less reluctant to buy it. Overall, I enjoyed this route, and if you liked Kiyoharu from his main story, then you’ll definitely appreciate how much sweeter he is to the MC in this route >w< Once again, happy playing!

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