[WALKTHROUGH] First Love Diaries: Mitsuru Sanada season 1 Sequel

FLD Mitsuru Sanada S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • “Sure, why don’t you join us?”
  • Go back

Chapter 2

  • His intelligence
  • (Choose route)
    • Recapture how it felt when we fell in love (Remember when… route)
    • Share the most wonderful memory together (Best day ever route)

FLD ending

Remember when… Route

Chapter 3

  • I couldn’t understand you back then
  • Let’s walk

Chapter 4

  • Quietly squeeze Mitsuru’s hand
  • Please take good care of her!

Best day ever Route

Chapter 3

  • Let’s have fun!
  • Talking about our memories

Chapter 4

  • A fast-paced rock song
  • Suggest it

 FLD ending

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