[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Akiyoshi Zaizen season 1 Main Story

OTBS Akiyoshi Zaizen S1 main story OTBS Akiyoshi Zaizen S1 main story

When the MC finds herself living with Akiyoshi, the chief editor of Seasonelle and her new stepbrother, she starts to discover a new side to him apart from “the Growler” persona he has at work. After getting transferred to the Seasonelle team, she learns more about him at both work and home, and they spend even more time together when he insists on helping her out on the article she’s writing proving the innocence of Masaki Oda, a baseball player staged to go to the Olympics.

Being part of the Seasonelle team, Akiyoshi has his fair share of admirers as well. Known as “the Growler” at work, he’s famous for being the youngest editor in the history of Shiki Publishing. He’s talented and puts in a lot of effort into his work, and expects the same from his subordinates. However, he’s an almost completely different person at home. He plays the role of an older brother perfectly; he tries his best to make the MC feel comfortable when she first moves in, and is a surprisingly good cook. He’s also absolutely adorable when it comes to anything that has to do with animals >w<

The MC is surprised at first by how different the Akiyoshi at home is from the one at work. However, she gets used to it and quickly gets interested in learning more about him as a person instead of just her boss at work. You can tell that she’s interested in him romantically very early on in the route (even if she doesn’t know it herself XD). It was cute watching her fall in love with him; at times she reminded me of a puppy wanting love and attention. Surprisingly, this didn’t annoy me as much as it would have in most other routes. This is probably because the MC pulls her own weight in this route; she does her best on the article because she knows that it means a lot to both Masaki and Akiyoshi. The article has more riding on it than just proving Masaki innocent of the rumors going around about him; proving him innocent would also ease Akiyoshi’s guilt and regret about an article he wrote in the past.

This route brought up a lot of good points about living with someone you work with, especially since Akiyoshi is the MC’s boss. I love office romance situations, and it was definitely a plus that Akiyoshi was the boss >w< However, it could get tiring, especially with someone with a work ethic like him, and I liked how the MC laid it down that work and home are separate when things went too far. The romance between the two seemed more like support for each other than being lovey-dovey, but I liked it that way. It fits Akiyoshi’s character more, and didn’t make it feel forced.

I enjoyed replaying this route a lot, and highly recommend it if you like characters like Akiyoshi >w< Even if you don’t, I would still give him a try! He’ll growl his way into your heart with his different sides at work and home. Once again, happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Akiyoshi Zaizen season 1 Main Story

    • OTBS is one of my favorite games, and one where I love all the characters to death ; w ; I’d have to say right now Shusei, Chiaki, and Kido are my top favorites, but we’ll see what happens with Akiyoshi’s don’t tell him route ^w^


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