[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Akiyoshi Zaizen season 1 Sequel

OTBS Akiyoshi Zaizen S1 sequel

It’s been two months since Akiyoshi and the MC have started dating, and things are going well for both of them at work and at home. However, a careless mistake by the MC causes trouble for the Seasonelle team, and Akiyoshi gets into trouble with senior management when the team as a whole starts to experience mishaps. Trouble starts brewing when Akiyoshi gets transferred to another department, and Seasonelle’s new chief editor starts changing things in a direction that the team isn’t comfortable with.

I think this route served to expand more on Akiyoshi’s character than bringing him and the MC together (since the epilogue did that just fine >w<). You get a better idea of how devoted Akiyoshi is to Seasonelle’s wellbeing in this route; it’s to the point that he would even resign as chief editor if he believed that whoever would be taking over would do a good job at leading Seasonelle. He’s more concerned about Seasonelle’s growth than his own path to success, but unfortunately it’s this work ethic and trust that causes him to hand over his position to someone who isn’t worthy of it.

While I appreciate Akiyoshi’s earnest attitude toward’s the publication’s growth, I was glad to see that he got a little selfish towards the end and realized that it was his team and that he shouldn’t just hand it off to someone lightly. It’s been mentioned before that Akiyoshi is famous for rising to the top of Seaonselle at such a young age, and because of that there are older, more experienced editors who are jealous of him. It’s easy to guess how the route goes from there on, and I have to say that I absolutely hated the man who took over Aki. The way he treated the MC just because she was a woman and his practices when it comes to publishing stories were the worst. I know that Voltage probably did this because they wanted us to hate him, but I wish it wasn’t necessary to have such a character in the first place.

In my opinion, this route isn’t really needed for future routes. There isn’t much development besides getting to know Akiyoshi better and seeing him grow a bit as a character. If you loved Akiyoshi in his main story, then you would probably enjoy this route since you get to see more of him >w< If you were feeling iffy about him, then I wouldn’t bother playing this route and wait for his proposal one instead. I neither liked nor disliked this route, so I hesitate to recommend it to anyone who didn’t like his main story. Once again, happy playing!

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