[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 1 Sequel

FILA Sosuke Kikuchi S1 sequel

With Patisserie Larme gaining popularity and a fulfilled love life with Sosuke, the MC is flying sky high at both work and in her personal life. After a month of seeing each other, Sosuke starts to question his ability to provide for the MC in the future, and pushes himself to do well for an upcoming competition that could determine his future in competitive sailing. Things appear to be going well, but a sudden event leads Sosuke to question if chasing his dreams is the right thing to do.

It’s only been a month since the MC and Sosuke have started dating, but you can see how much their relationship has changed since the main story. Sosuke has opened up a lot when he interacts with the MC, and I loved how relaxed and comfortable things are between the two of them. There’s no need for airs, and they understand each other well, from their personalities to the little quirks that make them unique. Sosuke surprised me a lot in the beginning with how adorably earnest he was to the MC; he KO-ed me with how embarrassed he got over little things they were thinking about at the same time, and how he knows the MC’s room is messy but doesn’t think much about it.

It’s probably because they’re so in sync that Voltage chose this specific conflict for this route. They both want the best for each other, even if it means that they’ll be sacrificing something themselves. Since the MC is older than Sosuke, she’s a lot more independent financially, and while Sosuke doesn’t resent it, he wants her to be able to depend on him more. This later leads him to struggle between chasing his uncertain future as an athlete in competitive sailing or finding a more stable job, even though the MC doesn’t want him to give up on his dreams. It’s the first big conflict they have since they started dating, and it was nice to see how the MC handled it and how they got closer once they made up.

You get to meet Sosuke’s parents in this route, and I loved how accepting they were of the MC, even when they found out that she’s the older sister of Take and Tomo. They don’t bring her age into it, and instead focus on the MC and Sosuke themselves. It also showed what kind of environment Sosuke was raised in, and the MC takes note of it too, at one point saying that Sosuke had the “confidence” of someone who grew up well loved.

After Sosuke’s slight disappointment of a main story, this route was definitely a lot better. The plot wasn’t anything new, but was delivered in such a way that I found myself caught up in the story (but that might also be because I really like Sosuke >___<;;). If you were feeling iffy about Sosuke after playing his main story, I highly recommend this route! It’s definitely an improvement from his main story. Once again, happy playing!

8 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Sosuke Kikuchi season 1 Sequel

  1. His main story was well… not so bad but not as what I was expecting as the heroine was overthinking things (understandable though) but it seems that the sequel might be a lot better than their main story as they get together already.

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    • I enjoyed the sequel a lot more compared to his main story. Mostly because the MC didn’t overthink things as much because they’re already in a relationship, and also because you get to see how much Sosuke opened up to her since the main story >w<


  2. Its really cute how hes actually shy. Im not sure though but for some reason i felt bored reading his pov of the main story. Anyway Voltage could’ve made the purchase screen a little more accurate since the sequel focuses more on tjhe MC relying on him than it does Sosuke’s sailing career.


    • It’s a mix between those two, but then again Voltage doesn’t always give the best route descriptions since it seems like they’re trying to sell the routes, even if it means tweaking the plot a little =___= Sosuke’s main story wasn’t the best, and I can understand why you would get bored reading his POV of it =___=;;


      • Yeah….
        Okay so while we are on the subject of his pov story I recently read Momoi’s because you said that from reading the pov stories u could tell he thought the MC was adorable. And OMG u were so right. it made me love him even more especially the last few chapters. I loved reading the scene where she thought he was asleep and told him she loved him. So cute 🙂


        • Momoi’s routes aren’t the best, but his character overall is pretty cute XD I like his sub stories a lot. Heck, I love all the sub stories for FILA they’re all so adorable lol


        • Which remind me….i want to get a substory with Yoh in it. Which do you reccomend Domestic Bliss or Owner’s Manual?


        • Ahh this is difficult to answer because quite honestly I’ve really enjoyed all the FILA sub stories so far. I guess it really depends on what you want from it; living together with Yoh for a while, or cute scenes that show how “take care” of Yoh and little facts about him? XD


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