[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Naomasa Sakura season 1 Main Story

TLSL Naomasa Sakura S1 main story

After choosing to live with Naomasa, the MC is shocked to find herself waking up next to him in bed, only to have him tell her that he’s not interested in her at all. Afterwards, she’s unsure of how to act around him; while at first glance he seems to quiet and mysterious, she starts to learn more about him as she spends more time with him trying to solve the case about a missing doctor. Her initial impressions of Naomasa change the more she learns about him, and she slowly starts to fall in love with the mysterious man.

Naomasa comes off as quiet and mysterious. He only says what’s necessary, and his expression rarely changes, which adds to his stoic exterior. He seems to distance himself from others as well; when the detective team goes out to get drinks, he sits off by himself in a corner. However, once the MC starts to spend more time with him, you start to see that he’s much kinder that he appears to be; while he can be blunt with his words, hr shows that he cares through his actions. His clients respect him and are extremely thankful towards him; Naomasa himself even states that the reason why he wanted to become a lawyer was to help people. However, there’s a darker reason to it as well; he carries around a sense of guilt towards the people in his life, saying that he’s a “killer” and that the people in his life get injured or find themselves in some sort of trouble. His wanting to help people is a form of atonement to him, and the broken relationship he has with his father adds to the sense of guilt that weighs him down.

I honestly found myself extremely interested in Naomasa as a character. His family background makes his choice of career unique, and is also the reason why he’s used to distancing himself from other people. While some people may say that he’s only nice to others because he feels guilty, I think that Naomasa himself is kind and considerate; even if he hadn’t had the guilt, he probably still would have chosen a profession that would help people. The relationship he had with his father was one based on misunderstanding, but throughout the route it’s obvious that they both care for each other, but don’t know how to close the distance that had grown between them throughout the years. I think it’s easy to see how much Naomasa was loved as a child just by his name; it’s a combination of his father and mother’s (Naogoro and Masae).

This route was written much better than the previous TLSL routes (IMO). You can see the relationship between the MC and Naomasa grow throughout it, and the plot was paced reasonably and tied in a lot with Naomasa’s character development. The MC plays an important part in Naomasa’s development just by the fact that she believed in him and was always there for him; it may be cliché, but that’s what gets him to start believing that while people can cause trouble for others, they can also help them too. She also stands up for him when he doesn’t himself, and while she does want to get closer to him, she gives him his space because she doesn’t want to intrude (although she does ask questions a few times when her curiosity gets the best of her). While she has a hard time understanding Naomasa in the beginning due to his lack of words, she makes an effort and starts to fall in love with him when she starts to understand him more as a person. Her love isn’t one-sided in this route, though she believes it to be since his comment of not being interested in her in the beginning. Naomasa gets absolutely adorable when he falls for her, and is surprisingly jealous and overprotective. I liked both ends, but he did feel a bit out of character in the bitter trap end. But then again, it might have been because he’s more open to the MC; I’m looking forward to how both of them and their relationship will change in future routes.

I highly recommend this route, especially if you’ve been reluctant to give TLSL a try. I think Naomasa’s route was well written, and his characterization was done extremely well. I only recommend the end set if you absolutely loved him; it doesn’t seem necessary for plot reasons, though you do get to see him as a host XD I also recommend the epilogue, since it shows how much he changes once the two are in a relationship. Once again, happy playing! >w<

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