[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mitsunari Baba season 1 Sequel

KBTBB Mitsunari Baba S1 sequel

After not seeing Baba for a month while he traveled the world for his “work,” the MC is glad to see him back. However, she finds herself on the way to Italy when Baba wins a bid for the right to solve a code that could potentially award him $50 million. The MC is excited to go on a vacation together with him, but things start to turn complicated when they find out that the niece of the person who put up the bid is none other than the woman Baba loved in the past.

Baba hasn’t changed much from his main story; he’s still easy going and carefree as ever, and only has eyes for the MC, though the MC questions it from time to time XD I was surprised by how Voltage sent Baba off on a month-long journey so soon in their relationship, but after replaying this route I think it was to help give a better idea of what it really means for Baba to be a thief, especially since he’s well known across the world. The reason why they went to Italy wasn’t necessarily for a theft, but it also shows a glimpse of how Baba lives his life; he’s comfortable in a country that’s not his own, and can fluently speak the language, a feat that I’m sure he can do in other countries as well. The MC becomes aware of how different she and Baba are in this route, and struggles to trust him, especially since his profession is one that isn’t honest by nature, though his motives behind it are.

This route answers a few questions that were raised in Baba’s main story route, including one regarding the mystery woman of his past. The MC was a bit worried, but I applaud her for doing her best to trust Baba, especially since she knows the importance and influence that this woman played in Baba’s life. Even though Baba is heads over heels in love with the MC, he still feels a regretful about the situation with the woman he loved, especially after seeing her current condition. You can see this in a few instances throughout this route, but it stuck out to me (and the MC) the most when he said that you shouldn’t fall in love if you’re going to make the person you love unhappy, and that you should always be in control of your emotions. However, at the end you can see that he’s truly liberated from the regret that’s chained him down, and I really loved the end of chapter 7. It seemed like something Baba would do XD

There isn’t much character development on the MC’s part in this route, but Baba changes a bit, and the two definitely get closer by the end of the route. I can’t wait to play Baba’s living together route to see how much their relationship continues to grow in season 2, and hope they go more into the relationship he had with the person who inspired him to be a thief. I highly recommend this route to anyone who enjoyed Baba’s main story. If you haven’t given him a try yet, don’t be afraid to let him steal your heart and make you one of the Mitsunari girls XD Once again, happy playing!

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