[WALKTHROUGH] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mitsunari Baba season 1 Sequel

KBTBB Mitsunari Baba S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • Take it with your fingers
  • That’s not enough

Chapter 2

  • Do you speak from experience?
  • Are you here on an investigation?

Chapter 3

  • Are you sick?
  • I thought it was Baba.

Chapter 4

  • I trust you
  • What about you?

Chapter 5

  • Casually sit down
  • Turn away in a huff

Chapter 6

  • That’s one way of looking at it
  • You should be with the one you love

Chapter 7

  • Squeeze his hand back
  • You want me to say yes, right?

KBTBB S1 ending

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