[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mitsunari Baba season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Mitsunari Baba S2 living together

After the construction of the Tres Spades hotel in Dubai is finished, the MC finds herself transferred there. Baba comes along after hearing rumors that the thief who saved him in his childhood is there, and introduces him to the MC at their new house after he successfully tracks him down. However, word gets around of thefts in the area committed by children, and their strategies are said to be similar to that of the world-famous thief Lupin…

We get to learn more about Baba’s roots in this route, and see how it affects him in the present. Baba and the MC come from different worlds, from their present situations and their past, and while Baba’s sequel did a good job of covering their present differences, this route explores their differences from their pasts. It’s easy to forget Baba’s dark past as an orphan due to his cheerful nature, but it plays a big part in this route. He’s not shy about hiding from others, but does a better job at concealing how it affects his viewpoint in life. On the other hand, the MC comes from a background where she had both parents, and lived a very average life (not in a bad way).

Their differences come into play when Baba is faced with a situation that he knows will hurt the MC, but decides not to tell her because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He honestly believes that it’s the right thing to do because of the way he grew up, but doesn’t think that the MC will side with him. I loved the MC in this route; when she finds out what Baba is doing, she takes her stance on it, and doesn’t try to walk around the problem. She does try to understand Baba’s perspective, but still strongly believes in hers. Once again, trust is an issue that arises between them because of their differences, but they learn that they have to communicate with each other to maintain it. I loved the effort the MC made to make the communication between her and Baba, and although he originally tried to hide things from the MC to not hurt her, Baba quickly realizes after the MC confronts him that she doesn’t need to be protected, and has a right to know. Communication is something I look for in relationships, and I’m glad Baba took a step away from being his secretive self and opened up to the MC.

I thought that this route was going to address Baba’s past with the man who made him want to be a thief, and I was glad Voltage chose to address the topic. It’s endearing to see how much closer Baba and the MC are in this route too; he’s extremely overprotective of her, and attentive to her needs to the point it’s absolutely adorable >w< I enjoyed this route a lot, and recommend it if you enjoyed Baba’s season 1 routes. Once again, I highly encourage you to give Baba a try if you haven’t already done so! Happy playing!

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