[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Nao Fujimori season 2 Senior Year

FLD Nao Fujimori S2 senior year

After being together for a year, things are going well for both Nao and the MC. They’re both still head over heels in love with each other, and both already got accepted into their choice colleges. Despite the fact that they’ll start going to different schools after graudation, the MC is still optimistic about where their relationship will go, and does her best to support Nao’s dreams to continue playing basketball. However, things turn complicated when he’s offered to study abroad in America, causing her to question what distance actually means when it comes to a relationship.

Despite the fact that they’ve been together for a year, Nao and the MC are still the same: they still have the sweet, puppy-love feeling of a couple deep in love, and their circle of friends aren’t shy about teasing them about it. I think Voltage chose the study abroad situation for Nao’s route because he and the MC have the most room to grow from it.

There’s a lot that goes on in this route, and I think Voltage captured it perfectly. Senior year is the most exciting year in high school, but also the most bittersweet. I liked how Voltage went from experiencing all the firsts of relationship with the MC and Nao to going through all the lasts of high school with them. It felt like they were setting it up for something more; one stage of their love together is about to end, and they’re about to embark on the next together. However, what makes Nao’s route different from all the other routes in FLD is that the MC is almost always with him; they’re in the same grade, go to the same school, and she’s the manager for his basketball team. Their friend groups also get along, which adds to the experience of them always being together.

While it’s exciting for both the MC and Nao to look forward to their futures together and as individuals, change isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. They both have their respective careers that they want to pursue, and because of that they’re going to different colleges. The upcoming study abroad for Nao makes them both question what their current relationship is like and how it’ll change in the future; they won’t be able to see each other everyday like they do now, and they might grow distant. The uncertainty that comes with change starts to worry the MC, but she doesn’t know how to put it into words and communicate it to Nao. I liked how Voltage made things realistic in this route; while being optimistic about the future is important, seeing reality is as well, and Nao’s eyes definitely opened after he and the MC start to disagree over some things. Their relationship grows a lot in this route, and it really does go from being just puppy love to something more solid with a future for both of them.

Another thing that I have to mention is the support that Nao and the MC show for each other. It’s amazing how much they do so, and while in the beginning it’s because of their love for each other, it grows to an understanding of what it really means for them to do so, and accepting the challenges that will come with it. I highly recommend this route, and if you haven’t given Nao’s main story a try, please do so! There are so many good things Voltage does in his main story and this route, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Happy playing!

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