[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Ota Kisaki season 1 Main Story

KBTBB Ota Kisaki S1 main story

After being thrown into the world of the elite when she gets auctioned off to the famous artist Ota Kisaki, the MC is shocked to find out that like the I.V.C., the “Angelic Artist” has a whole different side to him that he doesn’t show to the rest of the world. Things turn more confusing when he demands that she acts as his “pet,” and treats her like a dog. However, as she spends more time with him, the MC learns more about Ota and discovers that he hides more than he lets on behind his smile.

Known as the “Angelic Artist,” Ota is a famous artist known not only for his art, but also his good looks and polite demeanor. He maintains this appearance with his easygoing attitude towards everything, including his art. However, as the route progresses, you learn that his smiles are the walls that he puts in between himself and others to get them to like him. He’s seen how people’s attitudes can change towards a person, and puts up a front to protect himself from the possible hurt he could get from getting close to other people.

I wasn’t a fan of the pet-master situation in this route, but as the route progresses, you start to see why Ota wants a “pet.” The easiest way to explain his character is to compare him to Kyouya from Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (aka Wolf Girl and Black Prince). They both want the same thing; the unwavering loyalty that only a “pet” can give. Ota has experienced betrayal before, and because of it, he’s reluctant to trust others and just shows a smile to be likable instead. However, now that he has the MC, someone who can’t afford to betray him, he’s free to be himself in front of her without having to worry about the consequences. He doesn’t mistreat the MC at all; he actually does take care of her as well, and if it weren’t for the fact that he treats her as a “pet,” I think a lot more people would like this route. While he does sometimes show a cold attitude towards the MC when she doesn’t do what he wants her to do, there are moments in this route where he does things for the MC because he wanted to do it for her as a person, despite what he says about her being his “pet.”

While the MC dislikes her “pet” position in the route, her viewpoint on it slowly changes throughout the route to where she feels happy when Ota compliments her or does things for her. I didn’t like how she ended up accepting being Ota’s “pet,” but to be fair she does put up a resistance to accepting it for a while. She ends up giving Ota the loyalty he wants from her at the end, and it’s because of this that they start to fall in love with each other. While Ota does still somewhat treat the MC as a pet at the end, I think he does her as a means of teasing her, compared to how he was serious about it in the beginning.

Ota is a hit or miss character. While I didn’t like the pet-master situation in this route, I did like his character, and want to see how he changes as a character and how his relationship with the MC will change in future routes (I don’t remember anything from his sequel *sweats nervously*). If you play the first chapter of his route and decide that you can’t deal with the MC being treated as a pet, then I wouldn’t recommend this route, as he treats her like one for the majority of it. Otherwise, I would give it a try, since his character was interesting to me, and I think that he has a lot of room to grow as a character. Once again, happy playing!

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