[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 1 Main Story

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S1 main story

The MC chooses to go with Mamoru, believing that she’ll be the safest with him since he’s a detective. She soon finds herself questioning if she made the right choice after Mamoru decides to send her to the AID, a religious cult, when they start to have disputes with the auction sponsors over the sale of the MC was invalid since their original item was destroyed. However, after she’s settled into the AID compound, Mamoru shows up and declares that he’s her boyfriend when he gets caught.

Mamoru is essentially the same character you see in the other routes; a slacker detective, who values “energy conservation” above all else XD However, in this route you find out why he’s involved in the auctions as a sponsor, which is puzzling since he’s a detective. He doesn’t have what people would consider the usual “integrity” for a cop, but he does have his own morals that he follows, something that the MC takes note of throughout the route. You see a lot of new sides to him that you don’t get to see in the other routes, and it’s surprising how gentle he can be with the MC, even though his original intention was to use her for his goal.

The MC starts out with trusting Mamoru, but it quickly turns to distrust after he tricks her a few times into doing what he wants her to. She finds it suspicious that a detective is part of the auctions, and after seeing his lazy side, she thinks of him as a good-for-nothing-cop. Him calling her a “kid” doesn’t help with their relationship XD However, she slowly starts to fall for him when she sees that he does have a reason for what he’s doing, and the rare moments of gentle kindness he gives her help her realize that he’s nicer than he appears to be. The boyfriend-girlfriend situation they find themselves in adds to the romance, and the MC realizes that she’s fallen for him. She shows a lot of worry and concern for Mamoru in the later parts of the route; he’s reckless at times in his need to solve the case that haunts him, and the MC finds herself wanting to protect him because of it.

The plot of the route itself was written well, but that may be because I like routes with more action in them. You probably wouldn’t expect the action due to Mamoru’s personality, but surprisingly, he does his job XD I liked him the first time I played this route, and he grew on me more this time when I replayed it. He’s not like the other characters in KBTBB with all the glitz, glamour, and underground business; while he takes part in it, he prefers to stay away from it because it’s “a pain in the ass” LOL

I highly recommend this route, especially if you liked the other routes in KBTBB. There’s less of the “elite” world in this route, but it still manages to have the same feel as the other routes in the game. I hope you let the slacker detective shoot his way to your heart, because he sure did with me XD Happy playing!

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