[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS2: Falling in Love

HLITF Hideki Ishigami ms2 falling in love

With her developing feelings for Ishigami, the MC struggles to keep it a secret from him while she strives to do well at the academy. Ishigami continues to help her in her studies, and things are going well until he discovers her feelings for him. After coldly rejecting her, he distances himself and the aides are all reassigned to different instructors. The MC throws herself into her studies to avoid thinking about it, but continues to wonder if their relationship will continue to be this strained and distant. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS1: Meeting Him

HLITF Hideki Ishigami ms1 meeting him

After Ishigami saves the MC from a failed mission, she suddenly gets assigned to be his full time aide. However, Ishigami reveals that he’s discovered that the MC got into the academy fraudulently. He demands that she voluntarily withdraw from the school, but after she shows him her motivation do well, he allows her to stay. Things are going well until another instructor discovers the MC’s fraudulent entry, and the MC finds herself having to become the top in her class to stay in the academy. Continue reading

Hello yes I am a terrible person

So remember that long post of updates I promised in the beginning of December?… If not it’s okay you don’t have to worry about it ^___^;;

I obviously didn’t anticipate anime sucking away all my time over break. You can blame sports anime for keeping me away from otome over break ; w ;

Words can’t express how sorry I am about the lack of updates. I’ll be posting Ishigami and Shusuke’s routes from HLITF in this week, as well as Kirisawa’s routes in MPDCTY and Subaru from MSB. If I can I’ll be trying to squeeze in Kyoichi and Haruka’s routes from MFW as well, but no guarantees since the semester is starting for me this week. Ahh uni how I hate you ; A ;

But yeah updates will be more regular now since uni is happening so that means I have more time to procrastinate and play otome. Please don’t follow my example if you want to succeed in life lol

Thank you for sticking around even updates have been sparse. I’ll definitely ensure that they’ll be more regular now! >w<

[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Sequel

TLSL Sakuya Nanahoshi S1 sequel

After receiving a threatening phone call from an unknown number warning them about a bomb explosion, Sakuya and the MC are shocked when it comes true. More bombing incidents happen and Sakuya keeps receiving threatening phone calls from someone claiming to be behind them. The members of the team and the MC want to help him, but Sakuya refuses to get them involved, saying that the serial bomber is after him, so it’s his problem. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Hideki Ishigami Proposal Sequel

MSB Hideki Ishigami proposal sequel

While the MC is in Shanghai for another diplomatic visit, Ishigami happens to be there at the same time for his job. While their romance blooms in the streets of Shanghai, the MC learns more of Ishigami’s past when she meets his childhood friend Yusuke. Things turn complicated when Yusuke and Ishigami are under suspect for suspicious dealings in the dark, when suddenly Ishigami is put under arrest?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Hideki Ishigami Main Story

MSB Hideki Ishigami main story

When the prime minister and the MC are suddenly targeted at a diplomatic relations trip at France, Ishigami protects the MC when the bodyguard team rushes to the aid of the prime minister. The MC feels like she’s getting closer to Ishigami, but after they return to Japan, he starts to act distant. The MC is confused by his sudden change in behavior, and the cyborg officer continues to stay in her thoughts as she wonders why he’s keeping his distance. Continue reading