[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 1 Sequel

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S1 sequel

It’s been a few weeks since the MC and Mamoru have started dating, and other than him calling her “kid” occasionally, their relationship is going well. Mamoru is still trying to arrest the AID, who is still at large, but faces difficulties with his superiors with reopening the case. Given no choice, he starts to investigate on his own, but the MC starts to get worried about his safety when he leaves without a trace and loses contact with him.

The relationship between Mamoru and the MC has changed a lot since the end of his main story. You see the beginnings of it in the epilogue, but from the start of this route he treats her like his girlfriend. It’s to the point that the other guys will tease them about it XD This route explores what it really means for the MC to be dating a detective, as well as tying up loose ends from the main story. Mamoru starts getting into some dangerous situations, and even thought the MC wants to help him, she’s unsure of how to. In this respect, this route really reminded me a lot of Soryu’s routes. Soryu himself mentions that the cops and mafia are similar in structure and what their job requires of them, and you get to see that even though Mamoru is on the “right” side of the law, he still faces the same dangers.

The MC and Mamoru are both worried for each other in this route. In her case, she wants to help him out in any way she can instead of just waiting for him to come back home; in his case, he doesn’t want to tell her anything so she stays safe and won’t get caught up in his investigation. Concern is a theme that reoccurs throughout the route, but I think the underlying theme in this route is communication. Not to say that they don’t trust each other; they do. But they lack to communication to convey it, and it starts to cause problems in their relationship when the MC gets into dangerous situations in her attempts to see and make sure herself that Mamoru is safe and still breathing.

They grow as a couple by the end of the route when Mamoru realizes that telling nothing to the MC out of his concern for her does nothing about her concern for him; the MC also learns to voice her worries to Mamoru so he knows how worried she is about him. Mamoru also grows as a character when he realizes that his actions now carry weight on someone other than himself, which is a big change for him after being alone since Minami died.

I enjoyed this route a lot, and definitely recommend it if you loved Mamoru in his main story. If you still haven’t given him a try, then I highly recommend that you do! I like this route a lot, and the action in it flowed well and didn’t seem forced just as a means to keep the story moving along. Once again, happy playing!

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