[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Mamoru Kishi S2 living together

The MC and Mamoru have moved in together at Dubai, and things are going great for them at home and at work. However, when the MC discovers that there are illegal drug dealings happening near their home, Mamoru shows up and saves her, but the MC accidently gets shot at in the process. Soon afterwards, Mamoru is falsely charged for murder, and starts loosing his motivation to stay a detective.

If you thought you loved Mamoru before this route, you’re about to fall for him more. He’s absolutely adorable in the moments where you see his interactions with the MC in their new home, and he tries so hard to help around in the house when she gets hurt. If you want to see more of it, I highly recommend the sequel epilogue, since in the last episode of it you see him try to be more of a househusband (/w\) though the reasons for it aren’t all pure though =___=

While you do get to see Mamoru be cute when the MC gets hurt, it causes new problems in their relationship. In his sequel, Mamoru already worries about the MC being involved in his cases due to the danger that comes with them, and his worries come true again in this route, which causes him to withdraw from the MC even more. I thought Mamoru had learned his lesson on communicating with the MC properly in his sequel, but apparently he didn’t *sigh* I could understand why he didn’t want to though, since he felt as if it was his fault that the MC got hurt. And in truth, it is.

I absolutely loved the MC in this route because she tells Mamoru what’s on her mind and isn’t shy about it. She does walk on eggshells for a while since she feels guilty for making him feel guilty, but finally comes to the conclusion that she’s strong enough to deal with the consequences of being in a relationship with a detective, and that Mamoru needs to tell her what’s going on so that their relationship doesn’t suffer because of it. Mamoru finally realizes that the MC can handle more than he gives her credit for (about time =___=), and the two learn to compromise and solve their problems together. This is a step forward in their relationship because they’re both such stubborn individuals, but they learn start to think more of the other person’s situation and perspective.

Once again, I found a lot of parallels between this route and one of Soryu’s routes. I enjoyed this route a lot, and highly recommend it if you liked Mamoru in his season one routes. You get to see Mamoru act jealous of his new partner as well (/w\) I found it interesting that Hishikura was an auction sponsor in this route… Maybe Voltage is setting it up for his route’s release? Hopefully it’s soon =w= I’m going to die waiting for Luke’s *sobs* Happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Mamoru Kishi season 2 Living Together

  1. I also love Mamoru!! (Actually I love all of them hehe Im such a perv) Nice review as usual. *drumrolls* A question!! Which one of them is your fav? (Does this question torture your mind? muahahahha)


    • Thank you for reading it!
      Ahhh a bit lol. Soryu used to be my top favorite, but lately Baba has been making attempts to steal my heart. He treats the MC like a queen >w<
      BUT everything is up in the air until Hishikura and Luke's routes are released. I've been having my eye on those two since I saw their CGs from the JP version and I'm dying to play their routes ; w ;


  2. I’m with you on that one I love all of them to I just can’t choose. I mean your right Baba is a absolute sweetheart but I can’t help but love Mamo, I blame the goatee cause it makes him look so handsome and manly. Lets not forget Soryu I mean he is so sweet and considerate to the MC and when he blushes it is too cute for words. Ota is just too adorable and Eisuke is both sweet and cruel at the same time every time I see or read anything about them I swear my heart will ether stop or burst from their words or actions.


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