[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Yuto Tsuruya season 1 Main Story

FILA Yuto Tsuruya S1 main story

After leaving the mixer with Yuto, the MC is shocked when he asks her to fall in love with him. She continues to refuse his advances, but after declaring that he’s truly in love with her, Yuto asks if she would be willing to enter a trial “relationship” with him so they can learn more about each other; if she still doesn’t love him after it, he would give up. The MC agrees to it, thinking that she’ll “break up” with him as soon as possible, but slowly she starts to fall in love with him.

It’s obvious that Yuto is a playboy, in the beginning of this route and in the other routes in FILA. He’s the young master of a well-known family that makes traditional Japanese sweets, and is an amateur model on top of that. He’s easygoing and friendly to everyone, and has the manners and sophistication that most people his age don’t have, most likely learned from his family background and popularity with girls. I found myself comparing him to Yoh multiple times throughout his route, due to their similar age and background, but unlike Yoh, he takes his position as the heir to his family seriously. He puts in a lot of effort to the things he does, and shows a seriousness that contradicts his flirtatious nature at times. I was surprised that he was younger than Yoh; I thought Yuto would be the oldest of the FILA guys, since they tend to be released last =___=;;

The romance between Yuto and the MC was written extremely well. The relationship starts with the MC being unwillingly dragged into it, but you can see the gradual change in her attitude towards it. Yuto is serious about their relationship, and treats the MC like his girlfriend; he maintains the chivalry he showed before they started their relationship, and while he does want to move forward during their “trial,” he takes her feelings into consideration and does it at a pace that doesn’t make the MC feel uncomfortable. The MC finds herself being pulled along to what Yuto wants at times, but slowly finds herself wanting the same things as he does. I personally found it hard not to fangirl over some of the things he did in the route *sweats nervously*

Trust is a big theme in this route, though it may not seem like it in the beginning. I was expecting the story to go in the direction that it did, but it didn’t stop the hurt ; A ; The MC goes from not trusting Yuto to slowly believing in his feelings for her, and Yuto falls more in love with the MC after he sees how much trust she gives him and how she truly cares for him. The MC learns a lot in this route, but Yuto learns even more; the way their relationship changes and develops throughout the route made it my favorite in the game so far (maybe. I really liked Yoh’s route as well =__=;;).

I also really liked the support the MC got from her friends in this route. I liked her friend Miho the best in this route because she understands how the MC feels and gives her advice; she doesn’t add to the worries that the MC already has, but trusts that she’ll make the best decision for herself. Iku gives the MC fantastic support, especially in the end, and I loved how supportive she and the Larme staff in general were of the MC and Yuto’s relationship.

I absolutely loved this route, and Yuto is very close second on my FILA bias list to Yoh. It was hard to choose between them, but Yoh won out, though I think I like Yuto’s main story better >___<;; I definitely recommend this route; it seems like a lot of people are hesitant to give it a try, but please do! Once again, FILA has blown me away with how well written its routes are. Don’t be shy to let Yuto sweep you off your feet! He definitely swept me off mine >w< Happy playing!

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Yuto Tsuruya season 1 Main Story

  1. Hi Yume! Once again I write in your comment section ( hope you dont mind though ) as we do not have tea and cakes to share with in our small chat hahaaha. If we do meet, Im sure we will not stop fangirling, giggling over Voltage’s ikemen(s) lol. So, Yuto must be really good as he manages to sweep off your feet. Maybe I will try playing it later. Hey, do you remember the post about Chiaki Yuasa in OTBS? I REALLY REALLY FALLS HEAD OVER HEELS TOWARDS CHIAKI. I literally cried and the story was so emotional.. Thanks for recommending it Yume, Im so grateful!!!


    • I definitely don’t mind! Fangirling over Voltage guys sounds like a good idea to me XD
      I think Yuto’s route made more of an impact on me because I wasn’t expecting much from it after Sosuke’s disappointment of a main story =___=;; It surprised me with how well written it was, and Yuto himself is an interesting character ^w^ I’m disappointed that not a lot of people seem like they’re interested in this route, but hopefully more people end up playing it!
      YES GIVE CHIAKI YOUR LOVE. He’s one of the most under appreciated characters in the fandom in my opinion, and I’m glad that a lot of people started to play his routes after his proposal route was released (/w\) Thank you for reading my review! I’m glad that it helped you >w<


      • Baba is also under appreciated.. I really love how sweet Baba is to me (ehem *coughs*) MC, I mean..
        Sousuke’s story is not that good but luckily his personality wins my heart so yeah I love all guys (dunno for Yuto but will try playing) in FILA (I cant help it)
        OTBS, Chiaki is my bias. No doubt. At first I love Kaoru but now CHIAKI DESERVES MORE OF MY AFFECTION!! Haha, btw nice to chat with you, I dont have any friends to fangirl Voltage’s ikemen(s) except here and Tumblr.. You can call me Nana ^,^


        • Okay Nana! >w<
          I'm in a similar situation. None of my friends in real life play these games, so I talk to my tumblr and twitter friends about it XD
          I actually made a tumblr post saying that Baba is under appreciated in the fandom. And he really is, which is a pity because his routes are well written and he treats the MC like a queen ; w ;
          I also really like Sosuke's personality! My favorite characters usually have a similar personality to his, though lately that's been changing *sweats nervously*


        • Hahaa, I actually read your post about Baba being underappreciated. Its the truth though. In KBTBB, I dont much love Ota..


        • Ota is a hit or miss character. Most people seem to either really like him or not, though a few people *cough*me*cough* are kinda in the middle. Ahh what’s your tumblr username? Just asking out of curiosity >w<


  2. It probably won’t happen but I SO wish Kamei had a route. Seriously I mean he was so loyal to Yuto. even after the MC found out what they did (trying not to put in many spoilers since people read these comments) and you could tell he felt genuinely sorry. I hope someday I can find somebody that’ll loyal to me like Yuto and Kamei are loyal to each other. Even though they argue about “who is better with women” you can tell how close they are 🙂
    Though unfortunately Kamei doesn’t have a route in JP versions 😦


    • I love seeing close friends in Voltage games, and Kamei and Yuto definitely make the list. I also wish Kamei had a route, but at the same time I ship him with Iku ^__^;; I think they’re really cute and he tries so hard to make things right with her ^w^


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