[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Hideki Ishigami Main Story

MSB Hideki Ishigami main story

When the prime minister and the MC are suddenly targeted at a diplomatic relations trip at France, Ishigami protects the MC when the bodyguard team rushes to the aid of the prime minister. The MC feels like she’s getting closer to Ishigami, but after they return to Japan, he starts to act distant. The MC is confused by his sudden change in behavior, and the cyborg officer continues to stay in her thoughts as she wonders why he’s keeping his distance.

Ishigami is infamously known as the “cyborg” inspector among the bodyguards and the PSD. He’s cool headed in all situations, and does what’s necessary to finish the mission he’s been assigned with. He’s used to being used and put in danger as a member of the PSD, so it comes to surprise to him when the MC is concerned about his safety. He’s extremely career focused, but it seems like there’s a reason why he’s so obsessed about his work; he tells the MC that he enjoys being busy with his work because it doesn’t give him time to think about other things. He doesn’t go into what the “other things” are in this route, but it’ll probably be revealed in a future route in MSB.

The romance in this route was, for lack of a better term, lacking. Not that there wasn’t romance; it was just missing something? It’s hard to explain. It might have been because Ishigami kept his distance from the MC, but there was a lack of something in the route. The MC doesn’t realize her feelings for Ishigami until later in the route, though it’s hinted a few times that Ishigami has had feelings for her from the start.

Both Ishigami and the MC frustrated me at times with how careful they were around each other. Ishigami has a reason that he’s staying away from the MC, but he won’t tell her about it, even though she’s hurting from his decision not to. Subaru provokes him multiple times through the story to get him to open up about his intentions, and while he does drop hints once in a while, he doesn’t say it clearly; Ishigami has his own way that he wants to protect the MC, and he’s happy with watching her from afar if it’ll keep her safe and happy. Kurosawa played a big role in this route by acting as a messenger to the MC from Ishigami (though he wasn’t asked to be XD). His telling the MC about what Ishigami says about her helped a lot with the frustration that I mentioned.

I loved Ishigami as a character, but this route could have been written better. MSB isn’t one of the strongest games when it comes to plot (IMO), but this route did a decent job with it, though it was lacking in the romance department. I would recommend this route only to MSB and Ishigami fans; if you were curious about it, I would put in on your list to play, but not that high of a priority. Happy playing!

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