[WALKTHROUGH] My Sweet Bodyguard: Hideki Ishigami Main Story

MSB Hideki Ishigami main story

Chapter 1

  • I’m okay
  • Are you okay?

Chapter 2

  • I was looking forward to it…
  • Was Kurosawa telling the truth?

Chapter 3

  • You didn’t have to get so mad!
  • Please stay here!

Chapter 4

  • I believe in him
  • I had a great time!

Chapter 5

  • I want to think you were worried
  • Because I want to have faith

Chapter 6

  • I told him you were thoughtful
  • I don’t know

Chapter 7

  • I’m not angry
  • He’s kind

Chapter 8

  • Please trust Ishigami
  • Just a little longer

Chapter 9

  • I understand
  • Am I dreaming?

MSB ending

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