[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Sequel

TLSL Sakuya Nanahoshi S1 sequel

After receiving a threatening phone call from an unknown number warning them about a bomb explosion, Sakuya and the MC are shocked when it comes true. More bombing incidents happen and Sakuya keeps receiving threatening phone calls from someone claiming to be behind them. The members of the team and the MC want to help him, but Sakuya refuses to get them involved, saying that the serial bomber is after him, so it’s his problem.

While Sakuya was a mix of kuudere and tsundere in his main story, he’s much more noticeably tsundere in this route. He’s more open and affectionate with the MC, but at the same time still has a hard time asking the MC or being asked to act “lovey-dovey” (hence why he’s more tsundere XD). While he did resolve his inferiority complex issues with Kiyoharu in his main story, you start to see some of it come back in this route, but not specifically towards Kiyoharu. Sakuya is genuinely worried for the MC’s safety, but he feels as if he has to solve this case on his own because it’s his fault, since the perpetrator is targeting him; in a way, it seems as if he’s still trying to prove that he’s capable and can do things through his own abilities. Even when things get extremely dangerous for him, he still refuses to rely on the MC and the rest of the team. He just asks her to “trust” him, and in asking her that, also asks to trust that he’s capable of figuring things out on his own (IMO).

The MC wants to trust Sakuya, but at the same time worries over his safety, especially after a certain incident. The line between trusting in someone but still worrying about their well-being is a hard one, and the recklessness that Sakuya shows at some points makes it difficult not only for the MC but the entire team to “trust” him. Like in the main story, the MC struggles with understanding what’s going through Sakuya’s head; she wants to help him, but at the same time is held back because of her wanting to trust him. I liked how Sakuya learned that he doesn’t have to do everything by himself at the end; you see some character development on his part in this route, and the relationship between him and the MC grows deeper after what they go through.

The plot was more well written in this route compared to Sakuya’s main story, and I enjoyed the story more because of this. You still get a few cute moments between him and the MC throughout the route, but the plot played a bigger part than just moving things along in the route like it did in his main story. If you enjoyed Sakuya’s main story, then I recommend that you get this route as well. I enjoyed the end set, and will mention again that I’m super happy that Voltage lowered the prince to $1.99 and included a CG with it. It made it feel like I was playing a mini epilogue ^w^ Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Sequel

  1. I really love Sakuya Nanahoshi!!❤️❤️😍😘! I always always belive him and keep dreaming him! I know him a lot! I wish he was real life and I would be alike the girl of gaming in voltage inc.(with eyes) plzzzzzz! im a beautiful YOUTUBER! I am first one who make youtube videos! And let me know that u see Sakuya Nanahoshi! (Heart sweet lies of Sakuya Nanahoshi😍😍😍😘👋 ❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💘💌💋💋. DONT FELL IN LOVE WITH SAKUYA NANAHOSHI!!!!!!


    • I’m glad that you like Sakuya that much XD

      However, if you’re one of the people posting video playthroughs of Voltage games on youtube, please stop doing so. Voltage has explicitly stated that they don’t allow this and they regard the practice as an act of piracy.


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