Hello yes I am a terrible person

So remember that long post of updates I promised in the beginning of December?… If not it’s okay you don’t have to worry about it ^___^;;

I obviously didn’t anticipate anime sucking away all my time over break. You can blame sports anime for keeping me away from otome over break ; w ;

Words can’t express how sorry I am about the lack of updates. I’ll be posting Ishigami and Shusuke’s routes from HLITF in this week, as well as Kirisawa’s routes in MPDCTY and Subaru from MSB. If I can I’ll be trying to squeeze in Kyoichi and Haruka’s routes from MFW as well, but no guarantees since the semester is starting for me this week. Ahh uni how I hate you ; A ;

But yeah updates will be more regular now since uni is happening so that means I have more time to procrastinate and play otome. Please don’t follow my example if you want to succeed in life lol

Thank you for sticking around even updates have been sparse. I’ll definitely ensure that they’ll be more regular now! >w<

6 thoughts on “Hello yes I am a terrible person

  1. Hi Yume! Its me Nana! Auww dont labelled yourself as a terrible person! Hihihi, I also love sports anime!! (esp. Haikyuu!! Hinata is too cute to resist)


  2. Hahaha! Asian dramas and anime also kept me away from otome for a month or so. Your reviews are well worth the wait, too, so no worries! Looking forward to them!😁😁😁


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