[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS1: Meeting Him

HLITF Hideki Ishigami ms1 meeting him

After Ishigami saves the MC from a failed mission, she suddenly gets assigned to be his full time aide. However, Ishigami reveals that he’s discovered that the MC got into the academy fraudulently. He demands that she voluntarily withdraw from the school, but after she shows him her motivation do well, he allows her to stay. Things are going well until another instructor discovers the MC’s fraudulent entry, and the MC finds herself having to become the top in her class to stay in the academy.

Ishigami hasn’t changed much from MSB; he’s still known as a cyborg who’s capable and does well on his missions. He’s infamous for being a workaholic and extremely strict with his subordinates, but is even stricter with himself, since he believes that it’s his job to do so as a leader. At first glance he appears to be cold and indifferent; however, throughout the route you start to see him warm up to the MC, and show little acts of kindness that don’t got unnoticed by her and some of the other instructors (and Kurosawa lol XD). I appreciated getting to see more of the PSD side of Ishigami compared to his MSB routes; since the MC in this game is a trainee, you get to see more of his professional side, which definitely made my heart flutter (/w\)

I absolutely loved the MC in this route. Despite her circumstances, she does her best to stay in academy, and I think she shows the most improvement at her schoolwork in this route compared to the previous ones. She does get discouraged at times, but the results that she produces in this route makes her seem a lot less incompetent compared to Goto and Kaga’s routes. I thought she was pretty badass towards the end of the route until she gets caught in action, but you definitely see her hard work pay off, and that’s probably what made the difference for me.

The relationship between Ishigami and the MC develops at a slow pace, but I didn’t mind it as much because I got to see the MC develop as a character a lot, which is something I really appreciated after the previous two character routes. Goto and Kaga did help the MC grow, but Ishigami takes his role as an instructor more seriously, and as a result I think the MC took more initiative in this route because of it. Since the main story is divided into two parts in HLITF, I think this route did a good job as a first half. It set a relationship between Ishigami and the MC before any romance was involved, and you got to see the MC develop and Ishigami gradually open up and soften up a bit around her.

I was already hopelessly in love with Chiba before this route, but it was so much harder for me this time because of the end ; w ; I wish Voltage would stop making NPCs that I want routes for but probably never will ; A ; Other than that pain, I enjoyed this route a lot, and it’s my favorite in the game so far. The plot, pacing, and development is strong, and I highly recommend it, especially if you liked Ishigami in MSB. This route is a lot stronger compared to his MSB main story, so if you were hesitant to give it a try because of it, I definitely would. I was pleasantly surprised >w< Happy playing!

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