[WALKTHROUGH] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS1: Meeting Him

HLITF Hideki Ishigami ms1 meeting him

Chapter 1

  • “That wasn’t what I intended!”
  • “I wanted to hand it to him…”

Chapter 2

  • “Do you think I brought it?”
  • “This is thanks to you all.”

Chapter 3

  • Speak honestly
  • “What’re you talking about?”

Chapter 4

  • Look away
  • “Isn’t this about me?”

Chapter 5

  • “Every once in a while.”
  • Tell him the truth

Chapter 6

  • “You’re sort of kind, huh?”
  • “I’ll do everything perfectly next time.”

Chapter 7

  • Thank him
  • “Please help.”

Chapter 8

  • Look out the window
  • “Don’t insult me!”

Chapter 9

  • “No, this is fine.”
  • Be unable to talk

HLITF ending

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