[WALKTHROUGH] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS2: Falling in Love

HLITF Hideki Ishigami ms2 falling in love

Chapter 1

  • “I-I sort of overslept…”
  • Sit back and watch

Chapter 2

  • “Thank you!”
  • “…He’s actually kind, isn’t he?”

Chapter 3

  • “Right…”
  • Call out

Chapter 4

  • “Ishigami.”
  • “Just a suggestion.”

Chapter 5

  • “About the aides being changed…”
  • Come back later

Chapter 6

  • “Of course!”
  • Report to Goto

Chapter 7

  • “This isn’t the place for that.”
  • “It’s because you taught me…”

Chapter 8

  • “I do, but I’m not very good…”
  • “You were worried about me?

Chapter 9

  • “I won’t give up.”
  • “It’s all I can do.”

HLITF ending

2 thoughts on “[WALKTHROUGH] Her Love in the Force: Hideki Ishigami MS2: Falling in Love

  1. Hi! I’m just wondering if this walkthrough will open all 3 of the secret stories? I’ve only managed to open two so far. Your review really convinced me to give his second main story a try and it had the angst and fluffy moments all wrapped up in one. I did feel apologetic towards Chiba because he’s just so supportive. ^^; Thanks!


    • Hi there! ^w^
      Unfortunately, my walkthroughs for HLITF only get to the happy ending. This is because sometimes it takes me more than one try to get the happy ending and I’ll unlock the secret stories throughout the different times I attempt it so I don’t know which choices get the stories… I’m sorry ; A ;
      And I’m glad you gave Ishigami a chance! I liked his routes a lot. Though they were painful because of Chiba ; w ;


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