[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Naomasa Sakura season 1 Sequel


The sudden disappearance of a member the Sakuragumi has the head worried, so he calls Naomasa and the MC to investigate the case. The MC wants to help Naomasa in the investigation, but concerned with her safety, he’s hesitant to let her go undercover with him. The MC reluctantly agrees to not go undercover, and finds herself another job covering a resort for a feature covering date spots for couples. However, she finds Naomasa working there?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Koh Uraga season 2 Main Story

DDIWT Koh Uraga S2

It’s been a few months since the mysterious new part timer Koh started working at Black Ship, and despite her attempts to befriend him, he keeps his distance from her. The more she tries to get to know him, the more he pulls apart, and the MC starts to wonder why he’s so set on being by himself all the time. While she pursues friendship with him, she starts to recall memories of a transfer student she watched the stars with from her elementary school days. Continue reading

[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mahiro Nanase season 2 Senior Year

FLD Mahiro Nanase season 2 senior year

With her college admissions exams coming up, the MC worries about her future after she gets her subpar mock exam scores back. She throws herself into her studies, but has a hard time choosing what career path she wants to follow. Mahiro insists that she pace herself and take time choosing a path that she’ll enjoy, but the MC starts to prioritize studying over him and her friends. Stressed out from her studying, she’s surprised when Mahiro announces that they’re going to take an overnight trip. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Ayumu Shinonome MS1: Meeting Him

HLITF Ayumu Shinonome ms1 meeting him

The MC chose to be assigned with Ayumu to clear up the misunderstanding with him about her walking into the shower; however, things backfire when she finds out from him that she got into the academy fraudulently. She gets assigned as his aide, and he continues to use the information of her “backdoor” entrance to the academy to work her to death. Despite the things she says about him in her head, the MC starts to get curious as to what’s really behind his manipulative smile. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Leon season 1 Sequel

SCM Leon S1 sequel

With their love permitted by the heavens, Leon keeps up with his duties as a god to draw less criticism from those against their relationship. However, they break another law of the heavens, and the appearance of the goddess Leon defiled causes more problems. A curse placed on the MC causes her to forget Leon day by day; the more he cherishes her, the more she forgets, and slowly she struggles to remember her love for the god who was willing to throw away everything for her. Continue reading