[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 1 Main Story

FILA Kazuki Serizawa S1 main story

After losing her job, the MC runs into her ex from ten years ago. After running into Aki and Momoi while catching up with Kazuki at a bar, she finds herself with a new job at Patisserie Larme while teaching baking classes at Kazuki’s company. Though they separated at bad terms, the MC starts to fall for Kazuki again as they spend more time together as work colleagues and as friends.

Kazuki is the CEO of Tarte and Tatin, a company that he had founded himself after returning to Japan from spending time abroad at New York. A successful businessman who lacks in nothing, whether it’s looks, money, connections, and confidence, he’s career-focused and always looks for opportunities for his company to grow. Kazuki is also a smooth talker and good at negotiating with other people, but he isn’t perfect; he has significant faults, which were among the reasons that lead up to him and the MC breaking up ten years ago. He’s selfish, micromanages, tends to see things only from his perspective, and makes light of the things that MC holds dear to her. However, you see that he’s changed from his past self, and continues to do so throughout the route while he and the MC spend more time together.

Not to say that it was only his fault that they broke up. The MC grows a lot throughout this route, and slowly comes to understand that she was also to fault for their break up in the past, and that there were misunderstandings in their relationship that she hadn’t cleared up when she should’ve. I love how both of them had to question themselves about what was really important to them; were his company and her career worth giving up love for? Both of them were still hurting from their break up, and it was heart warming to see them slowly come out of their shells and learn to trust one another again. Their realization that love is something that they don’t have to give up for themselves or others was something I really liked as well.

The romance in this route happens mostly from Kazuki trying to make more opportunities to meet up with the MC, whether through work or private lives. However, the MC is cautious about getting close to him again, and is determined to be nothing more than friends with him. You can tell that they’re falling for each other, even though both parties refuse to admit it. Both of them often relapse into remembering how things were for them, but are constantly reminded of how different themselves and their situations are in the present, though some things did stay the same. I really enjoyed the romance and plot in this route; I was looking forward to it, and it didn’t disappoint.

Kazuki reminded me of Genji from IYAT; I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the two based on some aspects of their personalities and because of their pasts with the respective MCs of their games. However, Kazuki is also a very different character from Genji in a lot of aspects, and it definitely makes him a unique character of his own. I highly recommend his route; it’s different from the other routes in this game, but still maintains the same feel of being in FILA. It also made me want to replay Aki’s route a lot ; w ; Don’t hesitate to give Kazuki a try! He definitely didn’t disappoint my expectations. Happy playing!

15 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Kazuki Serizawa season 1 Main Story

  1. HI Yume! Nana here!! Having one character that is older compared to the others are refreshing in FILA. And yup, Kazuki is GREAT (he is hot OMG Yume help)


  2. Omg he is sooooo hot !! Im dyyying !!! I found that his route is the best and it was to me the hole idea of FILA cuz the idea of getting back to your ex is so good ! all other stories were crap and child play . Who the hell be with a guy 12 years younger!! So the hole idea of dating younger guys was lame . And in all the voltage game you get this feeling that someone of the guys story are the best and if the game was made into anime he should be the hero if yoh know what i mean !


    • I did enjoy Kazuki’s route a lot! ^w^
      However, I would have to say that I liked Yoh and Yuta’s routes just as much, if not even more. They’re the youngest characters in FILA, but Yoh’s route pulled at my heartstrings and Yuto swept me off my feet in his. I can say the same for Aki as well ^__^
      I don’t think you should blow off the idea of dating younger guys because that’s the entire point of FILA. Kazuki was the exception, not the norm, and he didn’t even get a route until after all the younger guys, and Voltage did this for a reason. I’m not saying that you have to like the younger characters in otome games, but please be respectful to people who do ^__^


      • Yes of course ! I didn’t mean to be disrespectful for those who like younger guys ! ppl have different taste its just
        didnt seem like good stoy to me …maybe cuz i was disappointed with soske story . But i just meant that in all the voltage stories you get the feeling that some guy story is obviously better than the other one and he should be The hero of the game like in your arms tonight was all about kipei or gnji maybe and kiss of revenge was all about the main guy who killed her mother and its seems empty to play other routes !but it depends on your taste of course ! 🙂


        • I was also disappointed in Sosuke’s main story, though his sequel did make it up for me ; w ;
          I’m so glad you mentioned IYAT and KOR! Those are my among my favorite Voltage games, and Issei was my first Voltage route ever >w<


    • Age is just a number. Personally I think it’s a great idea. I mean how different could it than dating somebody older than you or the same age. In Momoi’s route Momoi didn’t even care about age and their realationship worked out wonderfully. The only slight concern either one had was that if they dated, they would be coworkers dating.


  3. I never actually know what to do.
    Since I’ve been splurging all my money on voltage games that I end up not liking, or having to choose between two or more characters and wasting a ton, your reviews really help.
    Now I need your help on choosing what to get before releases.
    Akiyoshi Zaizen DON’T TELL HIM or Tsumugu Sequel
    DDIWT Proposals for any character

    Shuichi in KBTBB MS
    Kevin Alford Sequel
    Kaoru Kirishima DON’T TELL HIM
    Chiaki Yuasa DON’T TELL HIM


    • I can’t really help you with future releases since I don’t know much about them ; A ;

      I enjoyed Shuichi’s main story a lot! It’s been a while since I’ve played Kevin’s sequel, but I remember liking both of his stories a lot.
      I wouldn’t recommend Kaoru’s don’t tell him route though. I had a lot of problems with it, and I really didn’t like the way Shusei was portrayed in the story as well (it wasn’t true to his character). Everyone was just… extremely petty and immature throughout most of the story and especially towards the end. Chiaki’s don’t tell him hasn’t been released yet, so I can’t say anything about it for now ^__^;;

      I hope this helps!


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