[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Yuya Abe season 2 Senior Year

FLD Yuya Abe S2 senior year

It’s been a month since Yuya started going to a college in Tokyo when Yuya asks the MC to help him go apartment hunting for a place near his campus. After settling into his new place, things are going great for them until the MC’s mother catches her coming back from staying the night at his place. With her college admissions exams coming soon, her mother wants her to focus on her studies, and the MC struggles to keep her grades up and maintain her relationship with Yuya.

You could break this route into two different parts, since the first and second halves focus on different things happening in the story. The underlying theme of this route is trust and communication, which is something important for the MC and Yuya to learn since the two are now in a long-distance relationship with Yuya at a college in Tokyo and the MC still in high school in Shonan.

Both Yuya and the MC make some stupid decisions in this route that causes the MC to lose the trust of her mother. It’s easy to get swept away, especially since Yuya is excited to have his own place, but the way they went around to spend more time with each other to make up for the distance wasn’t smart at all. However, it was a good wakeup call for the both of them, especially on Yuya’s part; I loved how he didn’t mope about it and came up with a solution that would solve the problem best for them, even if it did require a bit of sacrifice from them both. You can see that he really wants the best for the MC, whether its her mother’s trust or doing well in school, and is willing to put himself in the backseat of her priorities list so she’ll do well.

The support that both the MC and Yuya have for each other is amazing. I absolutely loved it, and it reminded me a lot of what happened in Yuya’s season 1 main story. However, the distance between them in this season shows the cracks in their relationship, most of which come through the MC’s lack of trust in Yuya due to her insecurities, and both of them trying to hold back from expressing their worries out of concern for the other. Saori was on point once again in this route, saying that the MC shouldn’t jump into conclusions when a sticky situation arises later on in the story, and the music teacher Asakura (*cries for his route* ; A 😉 helps the MC realize that it’s not the distance that’s causing problems in their relationship, but the lack trust and communication. Both Yuya and the MC realize this towards the end, and their relationship grows stronger because of it.

I absolutely loved the last chapter of this route! Yuya made my heart flutter a bit with his words (/w\) He was also adorable in the beginning when he first moved into his new apartment, saying that he wanted to get matching couple sets of things for him and the MC =w= I highly recommend this route, especially if you liked Yuya’s season 1 main story. Happy playing!

8 thoughts on “[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Yuya Abe season 2 Senior Year

  1. Can you tell me what is the strongest written route you’ve played in all voltage games . and also what is the strongest route based on romance ! like hot routes ! And can you tell me who is your fave voltage guy Ever ! And what do you think is the best voltage game that you enjoyed every guy in it 🙂 !


    • Thank you for asking me this! But I’m going to have to say that I don’t have an answer because I have so many favorite everythings in voltage games ; w ; I think I can answer the last question though! I really enjoyed all of the main stories in KOR, IYAT, and MPDCTY (except for Asano’s). Most of the routes also have really strong writing, and I love the MC in all of these games. Sorry I can’t answer your other questions ; A ; If you give me more specifics on what kind of characters/stories you like, then I might be able to help you ^___^


  2. O.k i will tell you that i love bad guys but also good guys kekek like i loved baba and ota routs alot from kbtb and hated soryo but also loved kazuke from FILA and Kauro from O2BS and Eduardo from PIL and ren from MFW !!! i also love routs that the mc is failing for the guy but he dosent know ..i havent tryed any of KOR stories cuz i find all of the game too dramatic …i also what to try the mc boss at O2BS but i forgot his name ! I really what to play his route but i need you opinion!


    • KOR is one of my favorite games, and I highly recommend you try it! There’s a lot going on in the game beyond just falling in love, and I love all the characters (/w\)
      Akiyoshi is the boss in OTBS. He’s kind of a big brother type. You can check out my reviews for him for more info XD If you like reliable people who’re kinda dorky, then that’s him. He’s a big baby when it comes to animals >w<
      I would also recommend Shusei and Chiaki from OTBS! They're my favorites in the game, and I love their routes (especially their proposals). Chiaki might be off-putting at first, but I highly encourage you to give him a try! I expected not to like him at all but ended up crying like a baby in his proposal route ; w ;
      I also recommend Aki, Yoh, and Yuto from FILA. Momoi and Sosuke are popular characters, but I think their routes weren't as well written as the other three. I absolutely loved Aki, Yoh, and Yuto's character development and routes. They were really well written, and won't disappoint (imo).
      I haven't played any routes in PIL, but in MFW my favorites are Yamato, Akito, Saeki and Yuta! I think I enjoyed most routes from MFW (it's been a while since I've played it). I HIGHLY recommend Yuta's routes! He's so under appreciated it makes me want to cry ; A ; Please give him a chance!!


  3. I would have to say KBTBB I love all the guys in it I actually bought every route and sub story currently available in both seasons and I still want more I’m practically in love with KBTBB. My favorite characters in order would be Baba, Hishkura, Eisuke, Kishe, Soryu, and Ota. Hishkura and Eisuke fight for second and Kishe and Soryu fight for fourth is so hard to choose sometimes. I highly recommend Kissed By The Baddest Bidder.


    • I can tell how much you love the game based on your screen name XD
      Right now, I’d have to say Hishikura and Baba are fighting for first and Soryu and Mamoru for third and fourth. I can’t wait until Luke gets released because I have a feeling he’s going to be my top favorite in the game (/w\)


  4. I love Aki from FILA, too, I also agree with Shu from OTBLS. I don’t really like BUM so far, but I adore Ayato AND Taka (I thought the triangle was well written since i usually don’t like those things) from MLFK. As for strong female MCs I do think MPDCTY is the al around best. I mean I know what ‘otome’ means but there is a limit and she seems to cruise the right line, IMO. 😘


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