[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Rui Wakaba season 1 Sequel

TLSL Rui Wakaba S1 sequel

Rui goes undercover as a school nurse to investigate a teacher with a possible unsavory side job. Circumstances aren’t as they seem with the teacher, and the MC finds herself wanting to help her; however, Rui disagrees, saying that the teacher should know what makes her happiest, and that they shouldn’t interfere. Things turn for the worse in their relationship when Rui is caught in a scandal with the MC, and the situation with his work starts to awry because of it.

I liked Rui’s characterization a lot more in this route compared to his main story. It was consistent throughout the story, and it didn’t seem like Voltage was trying to make his character “complex” on purpose. He’s more open with the MC in this route, and a lot more affectionate with her as well. He’s get overprotective of her at times, and gets really cute when he’s jealous >w< He takes his work more seriously for personal reasons in this route, not just because he’s used to being an actor, which was nice to see; he genuinely enjoys it now, and wants to grow as an actor as well.

He’s more perceptive of the MC’s thoughts and feelings in this route, but still lacks the understanding of other people’s beyond her and himself; however, this changes as the story progresses. I think the definitive moment where he realizes that his tendency to simplify things into either black or white is when he tell Kurai the truth about what’s going on with her situation because the MC almost got hurt from it; he learns that things aren’t always as they seem, and that there’s more to a story than just what he sees. His wanting to protect someone close to him hurt someone else who wanted to do the same, and he really takes it to heart, and learns to try and see things from other people’s shoes as well. This changes a lot about his character, and he developed in the way that I had hoped he would have in his main story.

There was a plot element that I didn’t really care for towards the end of the route since it felt like it came out of nowhere. The plot wasn’t as well organized in this route; the pacing felt a bit random towards the end. However, Rui’s character development was written much better than his main story; you can see how much he’s changed in the last two chapters of the route. His relationship with the MC grows a lot as well, and they feel a lot closer by the end of this route compared to main story. I loved the sweet trap end =w=

If you were hesitant to give Rui a try after his main story, I would recommend giving him another chance with this route. The plot was a bit disorganized at times, but Rui’s characterization as a lot more consistent and his growth was written well; you’ll probably get a better idea of what his character is really like after this route. If you still don’t like him, then I wouldn’t bother getting the sequel epilogue ; A ; I highly recommend the end set and sequel epilogue if you loved him in this route; he’s absolutely adorable in them, and I loved the epilogue a lot (/w\) Happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Rui Wakaba season 1 Sequel

  1. Hi thank you so much for your reviews i enjoy reading them
    but can you plz tell me what are the best routes in some of voltage games cuz you seem to enjoy all routes and recommend every thing so im lost really . Can you tell me what is the best routes based on story line and romance in finally in love again . Kissed by the baddest budder and our 2 bedroom story ! And can you plz also recommend some routes with strong recommend mc cuz im so done with weak stupid mc !


    • Hi Randa!
      For FILA i consider everyone except for Momoi and Sosuke’s main stories to be well written. For KBTBB main stories I would have to say that I enjoyed Soryu and Baba the most, and for OTBS I liked Shusei and Chiaki’s routes the best.
      I’m not sure what you mean by “strong” MCs, because they’re all strong in different ways, and all have their weak points as well. If you mean it in the way that I think you do, I think you would like MPDCTY’s MC a lot ^w^
      Hope this helps!


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