[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Nozomu Fuse season 1 Main Story

TLSL Nozomu Fuse S1 main story

After getting caught up in a case involving possible corruption in the government, the MC chooses to share a room with the easygoing leader of Fuse Investigations, Nozomu. Taken in by his kind words and gentle smile, she finds herself wanting to learn more about him, when suddenly she finds herself travelling to France to dig deeper into the case. In the streets of the city of love, the MC discovers that Nozomu is still bound to his past, and that there’s more to his smile than what meets the eye.

Voltage doesn’t give away much about Nozomu in the other routes. They make him out to be the (perverted) easygoing chief who everyone pokes fun at, so I loved going through this route and learning more about him as the story progressed. There’s a lot going with his character, and I was surprised by how in depth Voltage went in with it. His smiles and kindness aren’t a lie; he tries his best to make the MC feel comfortable at Fuse Investigations, whether it’s reassuring her and promising to protect her, or teasing her once in a while to make her feel like she’s included in the group. I was surprised by how much nicer he is in this route; Voltage definitely played up this aspect of him a lot. It didn’t feel out of character though; in fact, it felt a lot more genuine than some of his reactions in other routes.

He’s easygoing and open, but has secrets that not even the other members of Fuse Investigations know. I was expecting something like this since Voltage really played up the “mysterious” aspect of him, but was pleasantly surprised by how well written and put together his past was. He’s prone to hiding his feelings with a smile because of his position as a leader, but also because he has a lot of things that he doesn’t want to reveal to others. His relationship with the MC was gradual and paced well; they start to fall for each other early on in the route, but there weren’t any moments where it felt like things were getting dragged out or rushed. I can say the same with the plot as well; I think it’s the best-written plot out of all the routes released in TLSL so far. The first few chapters are light-hearted, focusing more on Nozomu and the MC, but it gets darker as the story progresses, slowly easing into the case and how it ties into Nozomu’s past.

I was surprised by how much I came to like Nozomu. He (probably) beats Naomasa for bias of the game (/w\) I loved how Voltage fleshed everything out in this route. All the loose ends were tied, and everything was written so well and Nozomu’s characterization was top-notch. I’d have to say that this is one of my favorite Voltage routes now, and highly recommend it to everyone! His route is definitely a must-play, and both “Non-tan’s” cute sides and serious sides had my heart fluttering the entire time (/w\) I can’t wait for his sequel, and want to see how Voltage will develop his relationship with the MC, since they did such a good job of developing him as a character in this route. Please play this route! You won’t regret it ^w^ Once again, happy playing!

26 thoughts on “[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Nozomu Fuse season 1 Main Story

      • Like Nozomu’s back story; not so much his character/personality or how he talks about how the MC is changing him (I’m a fan of ‘show, not tell’ and not ‘stating the obvious’). They could’ve delayed the MC’s attraction a bit, too IMHO 😆


        • I was surprised by how much I liked his character. I guess it’s because they showed aspects of it that they didn’t show in other routes. Not to say that it’s everyone’s cup of tea though XD I thought that they started liking each other a bit early, but it made the pacing of the rest of the route a lot better, which is probably why Voltage decided to do that (maybe. idk lol)


        • I actually started playing it even before I read your review because he was the one character in TLSL whose route I was really looking forward to. I agree that his route shows a more complete version of him (of course, it is his route, hihi). Maybe something was ‘lost in translation’ for me; it seemed like he was explaining himself when it wasn’t necessary 😆 Like, instead of him saying something like ‘I’m changing because of you’ when he realized that he stopped experiencing (one of the negative effects of his past), he could’ve said something like ‘I didn’t (experience that negative effect)’ while looking steadily at her, maybe in wonderment or something. But this is just me 😅


        • Ahh no I understand what you mean! But keep in mind that these routes are translated, so some of the subtleties that might have flowed better in Japanese might have been lost in the translation. Voltage has been getting better at keeping the flow better, though I don’t know if this is one of those instances XD


        • I am so glad you get what I’m saying! 😄 I really like MPDCTY because of how solid the writing is and how there’s more show than tell (and how it’s not so unrealistically ‘fluffy’ like other games) (except for Eiki’s — which was so much tell it almost felt like I was with a shrink 😂).


        • I actually liked Eiki’s route a lot XD It’s been a while since I’ve played it though. I would replay it but my backlog for reviews is so ridiculous ; w ; MPDCTY has such great writing! The only route that I was really disappointed in was Asano’s, but that might have been because I was expecting too much from it =__=;;


        • The mysterious ‘deep guy’ character type’s appeal wore off pretty quickly for me as I played these games. The only one I really loved, I think, was (is) Sota from FLD 😙


  1. I just finished the route and I absolutely love it!!!!!! However I got confused.So how did the corruption case resolved? I think I only remembered Rika’s case solved?


  2. I played Naomasa’s route and liked it well enough, I am SO curious about Nozomu though… ((side note, torn between him and Sakuya, just afraid Sakuya is just a product of what 10 days’ Shiki and LLFT’s Takuto ))


    • Nozomu and Naomasa are my favorite characters in TLSL, so I would definitely give Nozomu a try! His route is one of the better written ones in the game, and he’s a lot more complex than he appears in the other characters routes. You can read my review on his route if you want to find out more about it!
      I love Sakuya as a character, but his route is very bland. It goes more into him as a character and his relationship with the MC, but there aren’t a lot of big events in the story so not a lot happens in his route. If you like characters like Sakuya I would give him a try, but I would recommend Nozomu over Sakuya for now ^w^


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