[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

OTBS Minato Okouchi S2 don't tell him

With their house’s renovations being finished in a month, the MC and Minato are getting ready to move back in when suddenly the CEO of Shiki Publishing declares that everyone in the Seasonelle team will be living together in company housing for a month. While trying to keep their relationship under wraps from the rest of the team, they find out Tsumugu’s secret after being caught in the rain, and things turn even more complicated when he declares his love for the MC at the office!

I love the relationship Minato and the MC have in this route. I don’t remember if it was as pronounced in his other stories, but in this route they have a relationship where they support each other personally, but challenge each other professionally. I appreciated how Voltage made their personal relationship enhance their professional one, and while they push each other, they don’t fail to encourage each other when one of them does well on an article or feels unconfident about something. Their bickering and teasing is adorable to watch; it shows how comfortable they are with each other, and the sass that the MC shows at some points in this route is great XD

If you didn’t know, surprise! Kido is Tsumugu (you really pulled the wool over my eyes on this one Voltage *rolls eyes*). The love triangle between the three of them was bad for my heart because I was really looking forward for Kido’s route, and it just made me fall for him even more ; w ; However, Minato really steps it up after Kido confesses to the MC, and grows from the situation; it was adorable watching him get all jealous and protective of her, but he learns to be more open and honest with the MC and tries to treasure her more. He eases her worries, and does his best to comfort and boost her confidence when she needs it.

I also liked how the MC decided to tell her friend Tamaki about her engagement to Minato. Shusei is Minato’s friend, so he gives Minato and the MC the support they need from behind the scenes, but the MC finally has a female friend she can talk to about her relationship. What makes it even better is that Tam and the MC are in similar positions (being engaged) and she’s the one who gave the MC the idea of the engagement photos (which lead to an adorable CG at the happy end >w<). The MC was also adorable with her use of the words “engaged” and “fiancé” in her thoughts once in a while >w<

If you absolutely couldn’t stand Minato calling the MC “Pommy” in his proposal, then I wouldn’t recommend this route; it doesn’t come up as often, but Minato teasing the MC by treating her as a pet is definitely still there. There was more focus on romance instead of articles in this story, but I didn’t mind it that much. I’m starting to think that all of the Don’t tell him I’m Popular! routes are going to be love triangles based on the name, and I’m fearing what other love triangles Voltage is going to throw at me ; w ; If you loved Minato is his S1 routes and his proposal, then I definitely recommend this route. Happy playing!

7 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 2 Don’t tell him I’m Popular!

  1. Omg! Love triangle ❤ I cant wait for chiaki's one. I feel like it will be spicy since he is soooo possesive. I hope the love triangle is with kaoru since chiaki looks upto him. Anyway thanks for the review.


  2. Yeah but maybe this will also streghten the mc and chiakis relationship more. The main reason why i am eager for this route is because after playing kaorus route i had mixes feelings because of his previous girlfriend and felt wired. I knew he loves the mc but it makes feel unsatisfied. So seeing him love the mc on his own just makes me a bit happy even if he will be heartbroken. I love kaoru so seeing him love with mc makes me a bit happy. I know this whole thing sounds strange. But I LOVE chiaki the most so it makes me even more happy to see the mc pick him…l:)


    • Ahh I can see where you’re coming from with Chiaki and the MC’s relationship growing stronger. I cried a lot from Chiaki’s proposal route, so I thought that all the sad stuff would be over and that they could finally be happy together so it kinda destroyed me when I found out his don’t tell me route ; w ;


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